Submission #2809: Fladdermus's DS Point Blank DS "highest score" in 05:35.84

Console Nintendo DS Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 20092
ROM Filename 0469 - Point Blank DS (USA).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch highest score Rerecord Count 18576
Unknown Authors Fladdermus
Game Point Blank DS
Submitted by Fladdermus on 8/17/2010 7:03:46 PM

Submission Comments


  • Emulator used: Desmume 0.9.6
  • Plays on hardest diffiulty
  • Aims for highest score
  • Shoots a guy in the balls


The game changes the set of minigames once every second. It's always the same set of minigames on the same seconds no matter what you do, which means there's 59 different sets of minigames to choose from. The set I choose features six of the eight most high scoring ones.

Minigame by minigame comments

Barrel-roll Bridge Blast: There's an annoying glitch where if you shoot the barrels too quickly the game goes to an infinite black screen after the score has been calculated, so I had to add a 2-7 frame delay between each barrel. Score: 54680
Zero-gravity Target Practice: Some minigames has targets you don't have to shoot, like the guy. Shooting them always give you 10 points. So whenever there's nothing else to shoot those targets will be shot. Score: 34240
Clock Torture: Very invisible clocks. Very boring mingame. Score: 45376
Can Collector: In the end I shoot cans that doesn't have enough time to make it into the tray. You get some points from shooting the can, but the majority comes from hitting the tray. Score: 49088
Bonus Stage: I waited 4 seconds before the minigame to change the chests so I could get a heart + points. There's a 13 second wait time after shooting the chest where you can still shoot. I tried to make a melody but failed horrible. So since it seems to be a theme for this game, I instead went with annoying repeating sounds.
Low Score Minigame 1: Boring and low score. I wish it was possible to get a perfect minigame set. Score: 9610
Low Score Minigame 2: Not as boring as last minigame, but still low score. Score: 10688
Animal Abuse: This minigame is unique in the way that it's the only one that lets you hit several targets with one bullet. There's 37 sheeps that gets piled up in 3 piles and repeatedly hit for a total of 2925 hits. Score: 45457
UFO Gangsters: Very repetetive. Score: 44700
After the final stage I got a total of 314288 points. If it was possible to get a perfect set of minigames another 100000~ points could be gained.

Nach: This game seems annoying to watch and to listen to. Rejecting.

Nach: As I said above this one is unwatchable. Not even worth the vault.

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