Submission #2840: GabCM's DS Magnetica "Challenge Mode (Hard)" in 04:22.14

Console Nintendo DS Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 15683
ROM Filename 461- Magnetica (U)(Trashman).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch Challenge Mode (Hard) Rerecord Count 1066
Unknown Authors GabCM
Game Magnetica
Submitted by GabCM on 9/17/2010 3:23:10 AM

Submission Comments


Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DeSmuME version 0.9.6 msvc 1500
  • I'm starting the movie from SRAM, since the mode I'm playing is unlockable.
  • I'm completing the mode as fast as possible.
  • I'm trying to make awesome chain reactions.


This is my first TAS ever! It's been done on Magnetica (also known as Actionloop and Shunkan Puzzloop), which is obviously Zuma. The goal of Challenge Mode is to get to level 100, by breaking marbles and creating chain reactions. This movie features the biggest chain reaction I could make, which is 18. I could also manage to get some 10+ chains in the highest levels! To close a decade of levels, I had to shoot a rocket that appears in the last level of a decade and that pushes the marbles.

Stage by stage comments

Levels 0 to 9

That was easy. The eastiest part of the game. My biggest chain there was 15.

Levels 10 to 19

That was a bit harder, but I could manage to get a chain of 18, the biggest chain of this whole TAS.

Levels 20 to 29

This was beginning to become a little pile of mess, since yellow marbles made their entrance to the game, but I could manage to get a chain of 13.

Levels 30 to 39

Light blue marbles made their first appearance here. After I made a chain of 15, I was approaching death, until I made a chain of 7.

Levels 40 to 49

The marbles were getting more scrambled, that made the game harder, but I could manage to make a chain of 14.

Levels 50 to 59

Purple marbles made their first appearance here. The farther I get, the more you'll hear that warning music. My biggest chain there was 10. I've waited a bit before I shot that level-closing rocket, because I was preparing a good chain reaction.

Levels 60 to 69

Right at the beginning of level 60, I could make a chain of 8. Then, I was two marbles before death. This is the less entertaining bunch of 10 levels of the movie.

Levels 70 to 79

Green marbles started to appear here. It's becoming a miserable pile of scrambled mess. I could manage to get a chain of 11.

Levels 80 to 89

Those annoyingly rare white marbles made their first appearance here. I had to start over these levels at least five times, seriously! These were a big deal! The biggest chain was 10.

Levels 90 to 99

I was more focusing on finishing that darn game! The biggest chain was only 5!
Then, I skipped that useless staff credits minigame.
The end.

Other comments

I hope you enjoy this run and that it will get accepted, but vote Yes only if you like it!
Thanks for watching my first TAS!

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