Submission #2895: NitroGenesis's MSX Sylvester Stallone in Rambo "bad ending" in 01:39.64

Console MSX Home Computer System Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 5971
ROM Filename Rambo (1985) (Pack In Video) (J).rom Frame Rate 59.9227510135505
Branch bad ending Rerecord Count 56
Unknown Authors NitroGenesis
Game Rambo
Submitted by NitroGenesis on 10/30/2010 2:14:44 PM

Submission Comments
Rambo's on the MSX, and he's in some weird RPG.

This TAS' objectives:


Motivated by Vampier's good ending run, I decided to make a bad ending run for fun. It turned out to be very difficult and not much fun at all.

Some tricks

Enemy manipulation

If Rambo doesn't kill an enemy correctly, the next screen could be swarming with enemies. If he kills it correctly, it could have none at all. This only works in a couple of rooms.

Getting enemies to move in a certain direction

When Rambo is moving to the right, enemies will try to get in his way. By turning the opposite direction for one frame, the enemy will be tricked into thinking Rambo is going that way, and will move out of Rambo's way.


When Rambo collects food, he will be able to regain health. I manipulate the foods so they give me health when I most need it, (ex. after fighting the spider)

Special Thanks

Vampier for working on openMSX his run, Quibus for teaching me how to TAS with openMSX, and wouter_ for fixing my savestate problem. Good ending run coming soon.
The rerecord count may be borked, because I used Page Up to reverse more then I did savestates.


Do not press any buttons while the run is playing back in the emulator! The run will desynch!

Other comments

I played this entirely frame by frame. It's not perfect, no TAS ever is. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions, so ask away.

sgrunt: Replaced the submission file with one which does not have the spurious extra embedded save state, and hence shouldn't trip the parser's warning flag about not starting at zero time. Went back to the original submission file in favour of fixing a parser bug.
Mister Epic: Replaced YouTube module.
Flygon: Shuffled the YouTube modules as according to precedent... but... I really do prefer the old duo-module system.
Mister Epic: Replaced HQx link by a more visible HQx button
adelikat: Replace submission file with one that contains a .omr file. The movie has not been changed in any way but now works with the new (and approved) openmsx that uses .omr as the movie file type.
DarkKobold: Since I'm taking the time to get openMSX set up, I'll claim this for judging.
DarkKobold: I was able to get it to playback. However, I'm having an issue with this movie goal - it doesn't feel like a 'bad ending' as much as a game over. For example, I consider this a game over in dragon warrior, and not a 'bad ending' -
Additionally, I don't feel that the game would need a separate 'good ending' branch. So, I'd like to know from the author and/or audience whether or not they agree, given the game.
That said, the ending isn't really different, after saving the VIP.
Give your ideas and opinions please.
DarkKobold Nitrogenesis has disappeared, so I am going to go ahead and accept this, with the caveat that a longer "Save the VIP" ending will obsolete it.
Flygon: Processing...

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