Submission #2907: criticaluser's GBA Advance Wars "Glitched" in 14:42.58

System Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA v1.0 Frame Count 52955
ROM Filename 0095 - Advance Wars (U) (v1.0) Frame Rate 60
Branch Glitched Rerecord Count 9946
Unknown Authors criticaluser
Game Advance Wars
Submitted by criticaluser on 11/10/2010 12:54:16 AM

Submission Comments
Blue moon launched an attack to orange star, apparently without reason. Only the new assesor of orange star trained by Nell can stop him and discover the truth about that invasion by completing certain missions being helped by three COs named Andy, Max and Sami.

this movie

  • Was made using VBA-rerecording-v22
  • Aims for fastest time
  • abuses of pograming errors
  • Moves the cursor as fast as inhumanly possible (just in the beginning)


Tricks & glitches

Design map glitch (DeMaGl)

This glitch lets you fuse design maps mode with all the game (main menu, vs mode, campaign mode, etc.) How? If you play the mission of training naval forces in the field and lose by allowing the enemy to destroy your t-copter, then going to design maps creating and destroying a unit.

Force an enemy to yield (I've done that on every mission)

Once you've done the design map glitch you can "force the enemy to yield" by just creating a unit of that army (the game immediately thinks that It's army x turn, letting you have total control of that army in that turn) and yielding.

Skipping player's turn

If you create a unit (AI of course) earlier than the game gives you the control of the campaign cursor the AI'll take control of the army as a normal turn (because It acts as a normal day).(used to skip my turns in "Kanbei arrives")

Stage by stage comments

Fog of War

I used Tremalkinger's strategy for this mission because tries to evade most of the long battle animations but destroying both rockets and artillery in order to capture the HQ.
On this mission, after following Nell's intructions. I moved my units out of enemy's range then letting the enemy destroy my t-copter in order to use the design map glitch.

most of campaign missions

all the time yielding (DeMaGl active) to win the battle.

Kanbei Arrives

Excepting this because I had to skip sonja's missions, finnishing on day 9 skipping my turns in order to save time.

Other comments

This is my first full-length TAS so maybe there can be some mistakes in terms of planning.
thanks to:
  • Tremalkinger, whose wip helped me a lot in field training.
  • samurai goroh, for providing the DeMaGl glitch mentioned before.

DarkKobold: Since this is a Strategy RPG, I'd like to claim it for judging.
Flygon: Added playlist, and fixed some tiny spelling issues that were really really annoying me.

DarkKobold: This movie is improvable by a substantial amount. (To most people on this site, 24-25 seconds is a large amount.) This will be my stated reason for rejection. However, if you decide to remake, caveat tasor, TASer beware, the audience let out a huge 'meh' regarding the entertainment level of this run, and the chances of a new version being acceptable is questionable.
My personal opinion is that the movie in a more optimized form is good enough for publication, but we'd need to see the audience reaction.

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