Submission #2953: nitsuja, mmarks's Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Competition" in 02:01.05

System Sega Genesis Emulator Gens 11b
Game Version USA Frame Count 7263
ROM Filename Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (U) [!].bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Competition Rerecord Count 12003
Unknown Authors nitsuja, mmarks
Game Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Submitted by mmarks on 12/22/2010 9:37:44 PM

Submission Comments

TAS Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Copetition" by Nitsuja & MMarks c2

Well, again I could try, I improve two areas. I think that I improved my previous movie for 464 frames (8 seconds). I was trying to improve other areas, but I present this, to after, improve another, yeah there is

Game Objetive:

  • Emulator used: Gens 11b + S3KCamhack + SolidityViewer + (partial)HitboxDisplay + LUA HUD for Genesis Sonic games
  • Aims for fastest possible time.
  • heavy glitches abuse
  • Genere: Platform.

Time Table

StageTimesTime of previous movie
Azure Lake07.6707.67
Ballon Park04.0204.03
Chrome Gadget25.2225.22
Desert Palace09.0309.03
Endless Mine21.6822.10

Comments of glitches

  • Azure Lake:
    • This glitch found him Nitsuja or another and it is easy to do. We must approach the tree, move to the left of the tree and jump. And there you can quickly scroll
  • Ballon Park: (1 frame faster)
    • This glitch serves to Sonic the Hedgehog 3, no Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It's easy, you have to jump, hit the balloon and keep going until you reach the top of the screen
  • Chrome Gadget:
    • This does not contain glitches, but it is difficult to improve. Although at least will try to improve a lap
  • Desert Palace:
    • This glitch is a bit difficult. You have to go full speed up the ramp (to start) and jump as high as possible, then go back. And when you see that the number of laps in 1, forward and will change at 2. And so on to complete the level
  • Endless Mine: (7 frames faster)
    • This glitch I discover it I. Listen, I destroyed the stones, make a spin-dash and jump on the ramp. Try to jump high, so that instead of going down, will fall on the floor of the goal

Suggest Screenshots:

Frame 2681, 5468, 7751

Possible improvements:

Desert Palace, and Endless Mine: I see there are some improvements in these levels

mmarks: To encoders, the SD encoding are in their hands. The HD encoding be this uploading to YouTube
Mukki: Replaced the submission file at the request of mmarks.
mmarks: Replaced YouTube HD module

Baxter: The main complaint in previous submissions was not beating all current records. This submission deals with that complaint. Votes aren't great, but good enough to warrent publication and no major objections are raised in the comments. Accepting.
Darkpsy: Publishing underway!

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