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In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic and Tails continue to thwart the plans of Dr. Robotnik, this time on the Floating Island that is guarded by Knuckles the Echidna.
This run is longer than the predecessor movie in movie length due to using Sonic only, but has a shorter in-game time.
We also have similar movies in Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

The downloadable encodes in the second set use a camhack, which attempts to always keep Sonic onscreen and puts HD sprites on top of the background to make the TAS look even better.
Sonic 3 & Knuckles completed with Knuckles. Tired of always doing ring-attacks and 100% runs, Knuckles has finally decided it is his turn to break the game in an any% TAS. This run uses a disassembly of the game in order to use the most of every trick.
This is a an improvement of 01:04.93 thanks to better optimization and faster implementation of level wraps.

Every duplicate link leads to the camhacked version of the encode.
Sonic's gone to plaid in the latest TAS by marzojr. It starts from a savestate to take advantage of Hyper Sonic from the beginning of the game. (For more details, see the note below and the run's comments.)
WARNING: The awesomeness of Hyper Sonic may damage your eyes or trigger seizures in susceptible people.

Note: This movie begins from a save state from the end of regular mode in order to access Hyper Sonic from the beginning of the game. There is no other way to access it outside of a hack. We normally do not accept movies which begin from a save state.
To download a savestate for this movie, use this link for Gens version 11a or this link for Gens version 11b.

There are also secondary encode links to the camhacked version.
In this run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic has decided that getting all the emeralds is the only way to go. And not just the Chaos Emeralds, but also the Super Emeralds. With those, Sonic can go from Super Sonic to Hyper Sonic, a super form so fast and powerful, it flashes the screen constantly. Tails can also tag along to help in this endeavor, but he's not used in this run.
ShiningProdigy9000, Takz15x, and kaan55 all collaborate to improve on the previous run by six minutes. A lot of this is done by using strategies and glitches that the previous run forwent to better show off the game, along with using all new strategies. For further details, you can read the authors' notes.
We also have a regular run with Sonic, one with Amy through a romhack, one with Knuckles, one with just Tails, a ring attack run with Knuckles, a 100% run with knuckles, a run in Competition mode and a run with Sonic and Tails on NewGame+.

Warning: The usage of Hyper Sonic in this run will have moments of flashing lights that are not suitable for those that are photosensitive.
There are alternate encodes that hack the camera in the game so that it stays on Sonic as much as possible.
Sonic & Knuckles is the fourth game in the Sonic series. It retains the same basic features as in the previous Sonic games (speed, rings for protection, Special Stages with Chaos Emeralds) as well as the three different shield types introduced in Sonic 3 (Fire, Water and Electric). Players can select either of the two title characters for play - either Sonic, or the all-new Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles cannot jump as high as Sonic, but he can glide by holding the jump button while in the air. If you glide into a wall, Knuckles will also be able to climb it. He can also break through walls that Sonic can't. With these abilities, Knuckles can access different areas from Sonic, making for each level an entirely new experience.
This TAS aims to complete the game with 100% collection of the chaos emeralds.

Note: This publication also includes an alternative encode known as "Camhack", which allows the viewer to see the position of Knuckles when off screen.
A Sonic video without Sonic! Instead, Knuckles takes the spotlight and collects all the Chaos (and Super) Emeralds.
This run improves upon the previous publication from Evil_3D by 00:30.24 seconds, thanks to the help of some new glitches and strategies.

Each second link or sets of encodes use a camhack, in order to have the camera focus on Knuckles while keeping the sprites in the foreground.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is a Sega Genesis game starring everyone's favorite Sonic the Hedgehog, along with his friend Miles "Tails" Prower and his rival-turned-buddy Knuckles the Echidna. With the Chaos Emeralds on hand, Sonic and Tails go off to investigate a mysterious even on Angel Island where they encounter Knuckles. Surprised and having the Chaos Emeralds stolen from him, Sonic expects Dr. Eggman to be behind everything yet again and sets off on another adventure.
ShiningProdigy9000 and Takz15x collaborate to complete the game in record time on "New Game+" using only Sonic and the power of the seven Super Emeralds. Glitch zipping and Hyper Sonic speeds ensues.
For more Sonic 3 tool-assisted speedruns, you can check out this page.

There are also alternate encodes that hack the camera so that it stays on Sonic as much as possible and overlay Sonic himself over other graphics layers to make it easier to see what's happening.
Warning: Hyper Sonic's form causes flashing lights which may not be appropriate for those with photosensitivity issues.
This run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles collects the maximum number of rings possible to get with Knuckles. This leads to some interesting routes to reach out-of-the-way rings as well as opportunities to show off some new glitches.
See the floating island like never before as you tag along with Knuckles, and try to keep up as he patrols his territory while foraging for rings and revealing secrets that show why he is truly the sole guardian of the island.
In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic and Tails continue to thwart the plans of Dr. Robotnik, this time on the Floating Island that is guarded by Knuckles the Echidna.
In this run, you'll see the Floating Island like never before, as Evil_3D, TheYogWog, and kaan55 use every trick in Sonic's and Tails's arsenal to collect as many rings as possible. The routing for this goal is more about efficiently moving between groups of rings than efficiently moving to the end of the stage, and is incredibly complex.
This run starts from a clear-game savestate with all of the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds collected, so that collecting giant rings will award Sonic and Tails a 50-ring bonus instead of taking them to a Blue Sphere bonus stage. We normally do not accept save-anchored movies; more details can be found in the authors' comments.
An atlas encode is also available, which shows the characters' positions on a zoomed-out level map, which might make it easier to follow the action.
For those wishing to play back the emulator movie file, a Gens-11b savestate for this purpose is available here.

Game Versions

TypeNameTitle OverrideRegionVersionPlatformHashes
Good Sonic & Knuckles (World) Sonic & Knuckles W Genesis SHA1: 88D6499D874DCB5721FF58D76FE1B9AF811192E3
MD5: 4EA493EA4E9F6C9EBFCCBDB15110367E
Good Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (USA) U Genesis SHA1: CFBF98C36C776677290A872547AC47C53D2761D6
MD5: C5B1C655C19F462ADE0AC4E17A844D10
Good Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (USA) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 U Genesis SHA1: 75E9C4705259D84112B3E697A6C00A0813D47D71
MD5: D724EA4DD417FE330C9DCFD955C596B2
Good Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 U Wii SHA1: CD3C46BE030B53FA01864951C1E61578168B7404
MD5: FF6E5CA0A0CB947A101C5094387C2E16