Published on 7/28/2023
In this run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic has decided that getting all the emeralds is the only way to go. And not just the Chaos Emeralds, but also the Super Emeralds. With those, Sonic can go from Super Sonic to Hyper Sonic, a super form so fast and powerful, it flashes the screen constantly. Tails can also tag along to help in this endeavor, but he's not used in this run.
ShiningProdigy9000, Takz15x, and kaan55 all collaborate to improve on the previous run by six minutes. A lot of this is done by using strategies and glitches that the previous run forwent to better show off the game, along with using all new strategies. For further details, you can read the authors' notes.
We also have a regular run with Sonic, one with Amy through a romhack, one with Knuckles, one with just Tails, a ring attack run with Knuckles, a 100% run with knuckles, a run in Competition mode and a run with Sonic and Tails on NewGame+.

Warning: The usage of Hyper Sonic in this run will have moments of flashing lights that are not suitable for those that are photosensitive.
There are alternate encodes that hack the camera in the game so that it stays on Sonic as much as possible.

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