Submission #2956: adelikat's NES Mike Tyson's Punchout "clock stopping glitch" in 19:17.96

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Game Version USA PRG1 Frame Count 69592
ROM Filename Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (U) (PRG1) [!].nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch clock stopping glitch Rerecord Count 86128
Unknown Authors adelikat
Game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Submitted by adelikat on 12/23/2010 6:53:15 PM

Submission Comments
As always, I have provided a release package on my sourceforge project. It includes the movie file, submission text, Lua script, and spreadsheets. I highly recommend using the PunchoutStats.lua script if watching it in an emulator. It shows all the damage, health, and timers which makes it clearer what is going on.
Unlike the published movie this movie takes advantage of the clock stopping glitch. This is a glitch that allows the clock to stop which can significantly reduce clock times. It is only available on opponents that Mac can "rapid punch". This is possible on 5 opponents. The glitch is utilized on 4 of them.
CS glitch times
  • Don 1 - 11.97 (14.97 no cs)
  • Soda: 32.48 (44.25 no cs)
  • Don 2: 44.48 (58.00 no cs)
  • Macho: 35.82 (45.25 no cs)
All other opponent times are the same as the no glitch version.
The clock stopping glitch involves delivering a rapid punch to the opponent then doing a delayed jab that will glitch the clock into remaining stopped. It will not restart again unless Mac delivers a stunned punch or uppercut (or either Mac or the opponent get knocked down). Not all opponent punches can be countered with rapid punches so the logic here is to get the opponent to throw such a punch as soon as possible. This leads to some very counter intuitive strategies. For instance, on both Soda & Don II, I have to get knocked down twice. In fact, in each case Mac is one punch away from losing the fight.
The clock stopping glitch makes a real time trade off of about 1 minute because once the clock is stopped, uppercuts can not be used which lengthens the fights (as well as being knocked down). However, real time is not the primary goal in this movie nor the no glitch version. And the no glitch version makes a number of real time tradeoffs. Sandman, Piston II, Piston I, and Don II could all be beaten faster if aiming for real time. Also, both take advantage of clock stopping. The clock stops momentarily during rapid punches, stunned punches, and uppercuts. Maximizing the time that the clock is stopped is a standard feature of most fast Punch-Out Strats.
This version shows off a nice glitch and some surprising strategies and so I propose that this movie be published along side the glitchless version.
For more information about the clock stopping glitch and MTPO in general, see the Game Resources page.

Nach: This glitch does not seem special enough to warrant a separate run. If the glitch changed much of the run it might, but as it is now, it does not. Rejecting.

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