Submission #2964: HappyLee's NES Super Mario Bros "warped" in 04:57.31

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Game Version JPN/USA PRG0 Frame Count 17868
ROM Filename Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch warped Rerecord Count 9739
Unknown Authors HappyLee
Game Super Mario Bros.
Submitted by HappyLee on 12/31/2010 10:04:08 PM

Submission Comments
Please enjoy the comparison video:
HappyLee: Happy New Year, everyone! I'm more than glad to submit the first movie on TASVideos in 2011, which is also the first surprise of me to all of you. The surprises will keep on coming!
: And Happy New Year to you, coach HappyLee! Mamma Mia, what a world you're living in!
HappyLee: Mario! What brings you here!
: Oh, I've been looking for you for a long time, I tried so hard just to escape from the world of video games for a while, and now I see you, so it was worth it.
HappyLee: Why me?
: Because people know that you are keen on playing Super Mario Bros. And you have taught me lots of skills, such as moonwalking and the shell glitch, haven't you, coach HappyLee?
HappyLee: I'm much flattered! But I'm just your friend, so call me HL.
: Okey Dokey. Surely you are nicer to me than my last coach klmz. But he is such a nice coach, who taught me how to grab the flagpole without the flag falling down, and that was amazing.
HappyLee: Yeah, but I do miss Mana and pom, have you seen them recently?
: Sorry, I can't remember. Oh, my memory is failing, I almost forget the most important thing. I have also come here to congratulate you on your latest success. You beat the SMB warped run of klmz by 1 frame, which I think is the one of the most unbeatable movies on our site. Nice work, HL!
HappyLee: Well, you know, this is the perfect movie I've been always talking about, both in entertainment and speed. How did you feel when I was playing?
: Oh, I just couldn't believe I could complete the whold game that fast. Look, I have even taken a photo of my trip as a souvenir! Well how about that?
HappyLee: It looks cool.
: Running makes me so exhausted, you know I really appreciate your walkathon idea. So anyway, how did you find the 1-frame improvement?

1 frame? 1 frame!

HappyLee: Well, numerous ideas have come to me recently. I thought there might be a better way to slow down the speed in the fish scene in SMB 8-4, so I tested it on 2010-12-18, and it worked. I tried other ideas, too, some of them were extremely close. However, but none of them works.
: Pardon me for my great curiosity, but I'd really to know some of your ideas.
HappyLee: OKay. I'll start with the level 4-2 for an example. The fastest way to move yourself to the right place is to enter the top floor of the bricks, but it is still 2 frames to the next 21 frame boundary. To increase the entertainment, I chose to go through the bottom of the floor.
: Time is up, I guess I have to leave. See you next time if you need me!

Nach: Judging.

feos: Added YouTube module & link to streamed comparison video.

mmarks: Replace Youtube module

Nach: Most entertaining version of this route to date. Nice job on going for highest score too. On top of all that, you found a frame to save as well, amazing! I have no choice but to accept.
Darkpsy: Published!

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