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Obsoleting Movie
Published on 2/27/2005
An ultra-powerful gigantic mechadroid that can take one hit before exploding into confetti. Pah.
This video uses a password to go directly to the second, harder version of the game. Note that the password shown on screen is not the one actually accepted by the game - the password is entered so fast the graphic function glitches. Another (more useful) glitch is that you can stand on spikes and other sorts of materials which ultra-powerful gigantic mechadroids have a natural weakness against if you jump all the time.
The fireball form used for the first few levels more or less grants invulnerability when used constantly, as well as being a strong offensive weapon. It is not very effective against the sixth boss, so the author switches to a better projectile weapon before that. This switch entails that the rematches against the earlier bosses are slower, but the improvement on the sixth boss makes up for it.
Please note that the AVI has been replaced with an updated MP4, this file provides both size and quality benefits over the former one.
This movie has an Atlas Map encode of Stage 2, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

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