Submission #3049: Skaad, HardCoreMangeur's NES Silver Surfer "pacifist" in 29:45.41

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEUX 2.1.4a
Silver Surfer.nes
Submitted by HardCoreMangeur on 3/19/2011 2:11:30 PM
Submission Comments
Silver Surfer is a shoot 'em up released in 1990. In this game you control the Silver Surfer through various levels that alternate between a side-scrolling and an overhead perspective. This game is famous for his legendary difficulty.
  • Emulator used: Fceux 2.40.10
  • Genre: Shoot 'em up
  • Aims to beat the game as fast as possible, killing as few enemies as possible (Pacifist mode)
  • Manipulates luck (enemy movement)


This is our first TAS. We chose this game because of its difficulty. Unlike what it seems, this game isn't easy to TAS because of bad hitboxes. We think that beating this game without killing any enemies unless absolutely necessary to complete the game is very entertaining.
We hope that you will enjoy our run.

Special thanks

  • Realmyop & Coeurdevandale for having shown us
  • Martinitram for having encourage us
Please excuse us if there are any mistakes but we aren't english.

DarkKobold: Claimed

DarkKobold: So, I have to say, I think that the goal choice was good, given the game - and the movie was probably the most entertaining that this game will ever get. Which, granted, is not very entertaining. It is slow, autoscrolling stages, without a lot of extra room for playing around, beyond vibrating. It is clear the authors put a deal of work into this movie, but the end result can't make up for a really crappy, slow, painful, auto-scroller of a game.
Rejecting for bad game choice, but good work. I hope to see more quality submissions from you two.

adelikat Unrejecting this submission for consideration into the Vault tier

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Accepting for the vault tier. The pacifist goal does not appear to slow down the speed any, so this run can qualify for fastest time. For that goal, it surpasses all known records by a significant amount of time (over 20 seconds realtime compared to the fastest unassisted run) - so it qualifies for vault tier.
feos: Processing...
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