Submission #3059: X2poet's Arcade Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy in 12:49.10

Console Arcade Emulator
Game Version World Frame Count 46146
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 49755
Unknown Authors X2poet
Game Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
Submitted by X2poet on 3/29/2011 11:21:58 AM

Submission Comments


  • Aims for fastest time of two players
  • Genre:Action Platform
  • Emulator FBA-rr 005a
  • Manipulate luck
  • Take damage to save time
  • No death and need not
  • 2 players
  • Hardest mode


An unique action platform game that feature Roddy & Cathy, 2 powerful bounty hunters that are determined to wipe out the space pirate army! Features excellent 2-D graphics & plenty of secrets to find!
Hadouken:↓↘→+A take the largest damage
Syouryuken: →↓↘+A hit high enemies
Rolling jump:Hold↓-↑+B
Fast hitting:AAAAAAAA
Getting 3 stars can use super skill and it cannot show in this movie.

For encoders

This game has randomness.If you get some desync,download this savestate. Load this before change the fbm file name to "tophuntr.fbm"


Stage 1

Get 1 power star to fight with the boss and enemies.Sliding is faster than walking.

Stage 2

Manipulate boss's route

Stage 3

There may take a desync at the blue T-shirt enemy.He has two ways to move by randomness.So the "Hadouken" cannot hit him sometime. I tried many times to avoid the desync here.But it is always possible to show 2 different situations. I ignore a star because one is enough.

Stage 4

Get 2 stars,hit the boss only in one wave of attack. Dropping from some wall is faster than jumping. Sometime jumping is faster.So there are many comparation in this stage,and I take the best one.

Final Mission

Take damage to save time.If two players crash the iron soldiers together,only one of them take damage. It can't jump out before the wall rolls up. Find a best way to fight with the last boss.
I signed my name at last because the score need not cost long time.
Somewhere I cost some frames to avoid desync,just like the sliding on the chain in Stage 3.

feos: HD encode done.
Mukki: Judging...
Mukki: As a fan of this game I was expecting an enjoyable run. I was not disappointed. Accepted.
sgrunt: Since nobody else seems to be working on this...

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