Submission #3061: sparky's PSX Einhänder in 31:29.93

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 113396
ROM Filename Einhander [SLPS-01008].bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 27329
Unknown Authors sparky
Game Einhänder
Submitted by sparky on 3/31/2011 7:50:43 PM

Submission Comments

About this game

This is a shooting game released by Square in 1997. For details, please read here


  • PSXjin v2.0.1
  • SCPH-1000

Abuses programming errors

Weapon's attack determination keeps remaining, it causes damage per frame. This glitch is available for a part of weapons.

About ROM version

Above glitch may work on only (J) version. Of course, I tried on (U) version, but it didn't succeed. And, weapon's number of ammos is different from between them.

Uses hardest difficulty

There are three types difficult Easy, Normal and Hard. On only (J) version, Free easier than Easy is available.

Mister Epic: Added YouTube module and 60 fps streaming link.
Mukki: Judging, though I will allow some time for more feedback. So let's hear some!
Mukki: Not incredible response, but nothing particularly negative. Some of the response was very enthusiastic and that swings it. Accepted.
Velitha: Will probably publish this tomorrow when I get back home.

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