Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six



  • Id: 315
  • Platforms: NES
  • Abbreviation: SMRotSS
  • Display Name: Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six
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The Sinister Six have rejoined in hopes of ruling the world (as usual), but Spider-Man has a lot of errands to do, so he decides to beat all of them in record time.
The mechanics of this game make it difficult to make a fast TAS. If Spider-Man stays in the air too long after a jump, he'll drop straight down, and his web-slinging is easily stopped by enemy projectiles. Despite these obstacles, mmbossman manages to improve the previous movie by over 35 seconds thanks to improved speed management and more efficient boss fights.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six (USA).nes U 65B7EAF754D6D455F4B242761A46B8264730D6EE 3BD1595F65A97E80BB510B09BBB94D7F NES