Submission #3184: Torn338's PSX MediEvil in 43:32.35

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 156741
ROM Filename MediEvil.BIN Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 78430
Unknown Authors Torn338
Game MediEvil
Submitted by Torn338 on 6/19/2011 6:29:31 AM

Submission Comments
MediEvil tells the tale of one very deceased knight's quest to rid the land of undead legions and the wicked magician that created them. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the action-platformers of old, consisting largely of running around each stage whilst hacking up baddies. But there is also a good share of puzzles to be solved. The tale, speaking of, is of Sir Daniel Fortesque (the knight) and his battle against evil forces, and the magician who started it all, Zarok.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: PSXJin v2.0.2
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Takes Damage to save time.
  • Uses death to save time + skip levels.
  • Heavy Luck Manipulation.
  • Heavy Glitch Abuse.
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
Spoiler alert: Below contain spoilers on the run, so don't read if you want to be surprised whilst watching!


In the beginning I had first thought that MediEvil had no means to skip levels, it really didn't seem like it did, until a user at TASVideos (SkyChase) informed me otherwise. At first it began with the Lake, then the Enchanted Earth, and then many levels more with the discovery of the level looping glitch and the inventory glitch in conjunction with each other. Many thanks to Groobo as well, he helped discover many uses of many things, including nearly all skips, tricks, glitches, and what not that you will see in this movie. Perhaps the real difficulty in this run is the level looping glitch, you must maneuver Dan in pitch blackness, and basically guess where you are in the level, of course, with TASing tools it does make it easier, but it is still not an easy glitch to use, TAS or Non-TAS. Aside from that, I guess laziness, and lack of time played an effort in the making of this run. Not only did I have difficulty in doing the run, but making sure it was entertaining, was definitely difficulty... As MediEvil is the standard hack and slash game (well in this case you could consider him a caveman as I use the club in the majority of this). The real problem with this game, is that the camera follows Dan from behind, however, the camera can be moved by the player, which means moving the camera even a tiny bit could save, or gain more frames. Normally this is an ideal game, but when knowing that barely moving the camera can result in frame gain/save, it makes this game quite difficult to TAS. Also, MediEvil is one of those games where the first possible input isn't always the best, though this is mostly with manipulation. Due to this, I had to test things both in frame advance, real time speed, and reduced speed to figure out what was the best bet. Obviously this run will not be the best run of MediEvil on the planet, and I myself don't think it's the golden TAS of 2011. But with the effort and difficulty of this 3D game, I think I'll need a 2D game to work on haha.

Weapon Replenish Glitch

  • If an enemy steals Dan's weapon, the weapon is still listed on your inventory screen the frame it is stolen. So, if you equip the stolen weapon and kill the enemy that stole it, you can get it back, brand new. This really is only effective on weapons that have a percentage or ammo count.

Level Looping Glitch

  • If Dan falls below the levels original surface, he will eventually fall so far below the level that he loops from the top, eventually allowing him to fall anywhere on the level, as long as you have enough time to fall. If Dan falls past the level's normal kill triggers he will start to do this glitch, and if your currently doing it, and fall in a area out of bounds that is not a kill trigger, you will re-loop the level, until you fall back in the level, die, or hit a kill trigger. Whilst looping, Dan's speed must not be 0, or he will die. Once you have found the area you want to fall at (usually the exit trigger), move the controller directional keys/stick around in circles until Dan re-enters the level. However, due to the majority of kill triggers in this game, the glitch is almost entirely impossible to be effective, unless used in conjunction with the Inventory Glitch.

Inventory Glitch

  • Select is used to open the inventory, just like in most games. However, in MediEvil, if the inventory screen is brought up, and the player uses select 2 times simultaneously, it will close and reopen.. During this small time between the closing and opening, Dan can move, and jump, attack, etc. Though it is barely a second, Dan has enough time to jump out of the level, which usually would result in a death. When the inventory screen is open, all enemies, objects, and most triggers are frozen. Luckily, that means kill triggers too, and this is how this glitch is so useful, it allows us to loop levels without the limits of death.

Stage by stage comments

Note: I only discuss levels that really need an explanation
  • The Graveyard - I jump onto a tree that normally wouldn't be used if someone is playing, it saves a little bit of time off. If the chalice is not got, it will show a cutscene explaining you should get the chalice, however it definitely beats picking it up, not to mention filling it, going to the hall of heroes, etc.
  • Cemetery Hill - We need the witch talisman currently to beat the game, as we need the dragon armor to complete the Gallows Gauntlet level. So we must get this. A clip is used to save a few seconds.
  • The Mausoleum - Rushes to get to the boss. The stained glass demon is the first boss, he shoots his shards in patterns, and not all at once. Damage is taken to get the most hits in on the boss as possible.
  • Return to the graveyard - With the use of the in game camera, you can get Dan to clip between the opening shortly after opening the door with the skull key.
As for the boss, Dan goes caveman on them to destroy them in 1 turn, which gives us the Daring Dash ability which is used through out the run to save time.
  • Pumpkin Gorge - Dan gets out of bounds in this level to skip 2 runes, which are normally needed to complete this level. When out of bounds the game sometimes tries to push you back in the level. This is used to push Dan far enough to skip the earth rune, get the star rune, and complete the level.
  • The Sleeping Village - This level utilizes a clip which opens the door, which normally wouldn't be able to open at that point. The guards are needed to open the wooden door at the exit trigger.
  • The Asylum Grounds - Unfortunately this level can not at this time be skipped, so I must do Jack's puzzles. Due to not killing any enemies, more are created when I get the mouse following me, as such it is nearly impossible to avoid getting hit while being optimal, so I tried to settle for what I got. I used luck manipulation to move the cats around so the mouse could follow me as fast as it could. Eventually I scare it at the earliest point so it runs like a cheetah straight for the elephant, which ultimately scares it, completing the puzzle. Note: If the mouse is scared too early, you have to repeat the puzzle, this is why I do what I do. The chess puzzle is done quite nicely. For those who are curious, if not hit within a certain period, the chess pieces move, so what I did was necessary.
  • The Asylum - I don't think this level can ever be skipped (unless we can skip the Gallows Gauntlet without the dragon armor). So you must go through destroying everything in your path in the house of the mad. Sometimes you'll notice that I swing my weapon, and I hit nothing. This is intentional as it allows for manipulation. I heavily take damage in this level to save time. In the 5th room of The Asylum, I push the enemies towards the lava in the center to be able to hit the majority of them at once. The only sad part is they can't be pushed into the lava from this. When the chest drops, I hit it at the earliest frame where it will kill all but 1 enemy, however, I maneuver Dan in a laggy sorta movement to where the energy bomb kills them all. I myself am not entirely sure why this works, but it does. I also save 1% of the club so that I can use a glitch on it in a later level. I could still have the club at 0%, however, the whole point of changing to the sword is to save time after I kill the last straight jacketed lunatic (I really don't know what they're called, but this sounds like a nice name for them haha).
  • The Enchanted Earth - Loop trick (Level looping glitch) is used to complete this level without the shadow artifact, and never releasing a shadow demon... However they somehow still get out!
  • Pools of the ancient dead - The armored zombie is pushed all the way over to the boatman. Its attack pushes Dan, and allows me to shoot far longer than usual, enough to reach the exit trigger out in the waters. Also should be noted, the opening conversation of the boatman is skipped by jumping above the waters and cuving around the chat trigger's borders.
  • The Lake - The level is skipped by dashing at the crystal, then touching the outside border of the entrance to the crystal caves.There is another way of skipping this level, but from my testing the skip I used is slightly faster. It is also possible to loop in this level, but like in the Haunted Ruins, the time required to loop vs walking, isn't always the best.
  • The Crystal Caves - The weapon replenish trick is used to refill the club back to 100%. Then I get the dragon armor by killing the dragon. And complete the level.
  • The Gallows Gauntlet - This is a level which is a glitchers worst nightmare. It is full of invisible walls, and the only way that me and Groobo have found to skip this level is on a pillar, which is surrounded by invisible walls, and impossible to get on to otherwise (so far at least). This is why the dragon armor is needed.
  • The Haunted Ruins - The Level loop is used to skip the chickens eating the grain over the switch which opens the drawl bridge. Then the level is completed as normal. It is possible to loop again after Peregrin warps you to the place with the golems, but I've found that just doing the level normally is just a tad bit faster... Which before testing, I figured it would be faster looping.
  • The Ghost Ship - The level loop trick is used once again to utterly destroy one's child hood.
  • The Time Device - The loop trick is back again! It just wanted to make sure that it was for sure destroyed.
  • Zarok's Lair - As nothing can move when Dan has his inventory open, I use the inventory to pause some of Zarok's soldiers from even entering the battle. With this, Dan's soldiers gang up on Zarok's "army". Both Zarok and his star knight are destroyed with Dan's weapons.

Other comments:

  • Things I'm sure the viewer will love to see are the use of these ground breaking glitches to rip this game apart, completing the game in under 45 minutes!
  • Things that can be improved are better use of the camera, and if we can figure out how to skip the Gallows Gauntlet level, then skipping all the levels east of "Return to the graveyard", and going onwards from there to the Enchanted Earth and completing the game as I did in this movie.
  • PSX Game ID = SCUS94227
  • Suggested Screenshot:
Frame = 144801

mmbossman: I'll take care of this one. Despite some of the shakiness with movement, it's clear the author put a lot of thought into this movie, particularly with the glitches and shortcuts, and the result is pretty entertaining. Accepting for publication.
Toothache: publication underway

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