PSX - MediEvil



  • Platform: PSX
  • Abbreviation: medievil
  • Display Name: MediEvil
  • GoodTools Name: MediEvil
  • Game Resources:
  • Action
  • Puzzle


MediEvil tells the tale of Sir Daniel Fortesque, one very deceased knight, and his quest to rid the land of undead legions and Zarok, the wicked magician who created them. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the action-platformers of old, consisting largely of running around each stage hacking up baddies, though there is also a good share of puzzles to be solved.
The author Crash41596 improves the previous publication thanks to changing the route significantly thanks to a new clip and other new tricks found over the years.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

Type Name Region Version Sha1 Md5
Unknown MediEvil (USA) (Track 1).bin U 928257764F5107C9D27AA3E2D469C43AEE591ABD 53D908F5BD11D86F3DEDA75C2DA3B750