Submission #3274: Wak017's GC Super Smash Bros. Melee "All-Star Mode" in 04:55.00

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Nintendo GameCube
All-Star Mode
Dolphin r7323
Submitted by Wak017 on 9/1/2011 7:17:24 PM
Submission Comments
This is a Super play of Super Smash Bros. Melee, completing All Star mode using Fox, and aims for entertainment value only.
So, because it's based on entertainment, what I try to do is impress, show unlikely things to happen, perform 200% damage in a single combo (or the opposite, only attack the character once to kill it [or not even once?]). Of course, I don't take a single damage during the entire run.
The encoder will probably need to contact me. There are MANY chances the replay file will desynch for many reasons, one being the dumping of frames. Yes, dumping frames of the replay file makes it desynch.
  • Dolphin revision used: r7323. (I started this project before v3.0 was released, and to be honest, r7323 works better with Melee).
  • Uses a memory card with 100% unlocked on it, in order to unlock All-Star Mode. Memory card files are available on
General Configurations:
-Enable Dual Core (speedup)
-Enable Idle Skipping (speedup)
-Skip GC BIOS / checked to JIT Recompiler (Recommended)
Glitches and / or advanced techniques used in the video:
Super Smash Bros. Melee has a lot of advanced techniques. If you’re an advanced player who dedicated some time on the game, you are already aware of them. However, if you are NOT ease with the game, maybe you will ask how the hell I can be so fast. Deeper information is available in a single video called the Advanced How to Play, made by myself:
But ... Here is a more brief explanation of the techniques:
-L-cancelling. When you do an aerial attack in the air and land, you usually have a delay before to move again. However, if you press L before to land, the delay will be much shorter than usual.
-Wavedashing. It consists of air dodging close to the ground in order to slide on it. You can do it after pressing the jump button, so that you don’t jump in the air, rather slide on the ground. The technique is used to travel in an odd fashion on the ground.
-Edge cancelling. It’s Used to cancel the delay before to move again, after a wavedash of an L-cancel.
-Directional Influence. When you get hit, you can influence the direction you are sent simply by pressing a direction. But since I don’t get hit once, I’m talking about the computers here, because they do DI a lot, and they’re doing it in a way no human can really imitate. Computers actually DI upward all the time. So much that against Fox, Falco and Roy, they DI upward enough that I can shine-combo them, which would normally not be possible. But there is a bad side of their weird DI. Because of it, it becomes “hard” to combo them, they can escape easily after my attacks. Therefore, there is a lot of DI and luck manipulation in the video.
Here's a brief summary of all the battles:
Battle 1: VS Pichu. Already on the first level appears the lightest character in the game, with a good recovery. It means that I had to kill him without having to edgeguard him, but I had very, very few options for the combo because of how light is Pichu. Therefore, I decided to do a Dair combo, with addition to up B combo until higher %, so that I can combo Pichu to the second platform using a simple Jab, then proceed to kill him.
Battle 2: VS Ness. The technical beginning was reproduced from Dark’s Perfect Dark combo video, for being impressive. Yes, he’s impressive enough to be reproduced in an actual TAS video according to me, and it’s a sort of “homage” to him. After doing so, I proceeded to shine-combo Ness, with the help of the car at some point. This match is the only one long enough to actually use an item. They only appear after +15 seconds, which is very often too long for TASed Fox. However, I manipulated the item to be a bunny hood, and proceeded to perform the farthest combo in history... from the middle of the map to its extreme up-left corner.
Battle 3: VS Samus. I think I completely redid this battle 4 or 5 times. With various people’s opinions, I could manage to get this match more entertaining. My main problem was the map’s design that doesn’t really fit to Fox’s movements, mixed with a lightweight / hard-to-combo character. But in the end, I’m satisfied with it. I was surprised the shine-upair combo worked, thanks to the opponent’s awfully upward DI.
Battle 4: VS Mewtwo. This character probably was the worst to combo, using shines. Actually, I could shine him only once with success, so I went for a 0-death combo, using only one shine. Also, because of the character’s recovery abilities that are one of the best in the game, I had to kill him after the combo, without having to edgeguard, which is what I did.
Battle 5: VS DK and Yoshi. At the beginning with the walljumps, Fox seems like he used more than a single mid-air jump, but he didn’t. What happened is, after grabbing the ledge, I released it and walljumped. Then walljumped again, THEN used my only mid-air jump to come back and grab the ledge again. Ever heard of Phantom Hits? Well you’ll see plenty of them in this battle. Phantom hits occur when an attack hits in an exact distance from the opponent... and this distance has a really, really thin window, meaning that I need a perfect distance in for it to happen. Actually, as of August 2011, I’m the only SSBM TASer who can perform Phantom hits at will. It’s really hard right now, especially for the reason that we are not working with any plugins, such as knowing character’s position, which would help a lot. Anyway, I managed to perform a good couple of Phantom hits, but it seemed harder and harder with time.. I don’t know. I heard Yoshi was known for being the god of happiness, how ironic that he commits suicide here.
Battle 6: VS Fox and Pikachu. I restarted the battle twice, and redid Pikachu 3 times, again, for entertainment value. Thanks to Brasterd who became an expert in Fox vs Fox with tool-assistance, I’ve been able to 0-death combo Fox with shine-combos. Also thanks to Mugg who kept telling me to restart for more entertainment!
Battle 7: VS Jigglypuff and Ganondorf. Jigglypuff is the least combo-able character in the game period. I was lucky she appeared to be very close to the ceiling at the beginning of the match! Ganondorf is a whole another story. He’s very easy to get combo’d, so I went for a 200% combo, with the help of a wall. I went for a flashy ending, using an upsmash to kill Ganondorf to the left.
Battle 8: VS Marth and Bowser. Marth and Bowser are quite easy to combo, but the level is quite bad. It is small and the platforms are low, which prevents me from doing flashy ground-to-platform combos like you’ve seen in previous matches. I went for a shiny edgeguard. Fox was shining at every 8 frames, using edge cancels, for a surprising 7,5 attacks every second. This is the fastest known possible way to attack in the game.
Battle 9: VS Falco, Luigi and Zelda. Because Falco is heavyweight, Zelda is mid-weight and Luigi is lightweight, I had to take them apart. Falco react the same as fox when shined, so I went for a 0-death combo. I used the Down throw glitch on Luigi, and he didn’t complain about it apparently... He didn’t try hard to come back on the stage. All was left is Zelda in the cave of invincibility, so I also 0-death combo’d her. And yes, the last hit was a combo.
Battle 10: VS Mario, Peach and Captain Falcon. Against 3 characters in such a small stage, I decided to go for shines only, and low% kills to the left instead of the right. When TASing this, I realised Fox could combo Captain Falcon with shines sending him to the right, then to the left, and so on. Captain Falcon takes so long to recover that it’s an actual combo. Beside that, nothing much to say on this match, it was quick and painless for everyone.
Battle 11: VS Dr. Mario, Roy and Link. I wanted to start with a double walljump on the left side of Final Destination, also manipulated Doc to come and try to hit me out of the field of battle, what he did. After the kill, I tried different things on Link... and he must be the easiest character to get combo’d by Fox, because he really would get hit by anything. Roy apparently reacts the same as Fox and Falco, so I took advantage of it. Because I didn’t edgeguard much during the video, I went for a double edgeguard on them. Hope you enjoyed.
Battle 12: VS Kirby, Ice Climbers and Young Link. Here I tried to walljump in a very unsafe place, and well, it worked! I let you the surprise of how the battle goes. Hint: I heavily manipulated the computer.
Battle 13: VS Game and Watch. For the last fight I went for a fight as fast as possible. I manipulated the GWs to get together, and then kill them all with shines.
I ended the movie at the first possible frame, as requested by the rules of
Conclusion. Conclusion? Well, Dolphin is not the best emulator to date. I had a lot of problems doing this video, but I finally managed to finish it. And to be honest, I’m very glad of the result. Special thanks to Mugg1991, he’s the one who took the time to explain me how to get Dolphin, and begin with TASes. I owe all my TASing experience to him. Big thanks to Dark and Brasterd for your inspiring videos. My work would have been much less good without you. Also, thanks to all my subscribers on Youtube. You are the reason why I keep on doing videos. Without anyone to enjoy my work, I would never work on TASing =).
Also, Thanks for watching.

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