Submission #3288: jlun2's Windows Syobon Action "x2 Speed" in 00:56.87

Console Windows Emulator
Game Version unknown Frame Count 3412
ROM Filename é¦ésé+é±é¦âAâNâVâçâô.exe Frame Rate 60
Branch x2 Speed Rerecord Count 3533
Unknown Authors jlun2
Game Syobon Action
Submitted by jlun2 on 9/18/2011 4:52:11 PM

Submission Comments
Hello again! The first run was cancelled due to lack of optimization. The second one was due to using the wrong frame rate, causing the space bar to not work properly. The third, and hopefully the correct one, aims to fix the errors present in the last run. It is an improvement of 1 second over a TAS that also uses the spacebar in Nicovideo.


  • Emulator used: hourglass - r71
  • Breaks Beats the game in record time
  • Uses correct frame rate of 60
  • Abuses glitches


Future runs should also TAS this in 60 fps! It allows the spacebar to work properly!

adelikat: Claimed for judging

adelikat: Ideally I would make a verdict about whether or not to use the speed up (spacebar) option and set some kind of precedent. But in this case I think there was too much confusion to get a consensus and the game had a negative response anyway. So I will dodge that issue completely and reject purely on game choice. See also, #3286: jlun2's Windows Syobon Action in 01:51.63.

adelikat: While this will stay rejected, I wanted to clarify the verdict on the use of 2X speed mode. As stated here, 2X will be considered the use of a cheat code, for this game specifically and is the basis of rejection of this submission.

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