Submission #3292: Aqfaq & Anoobis's GBA My Little Pony Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow "CATERPILLAR CATCH HIGH SCORE" in 13:53:45.52

Game Boy Advance
(Submitted: My Little Pony Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow)
(Additionally: Anoobis)
My Little Pony Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow (U).gba
Submitted by Aqfaq on 9/21/2011 3:24:03 AM
Submission Comments
Friendship is a high score!
The game is My Little Pony Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow.
This TAS challenges the impossible and aims for MAXIMUM SCORE IN THE "CATERPILLAR CATCH" MINIGAME!
It fails miserably.


Angerfist wrote: "Ferret Warlord wrote: I swear I have nothing to do with this." You filthy lying weasel! What have you started?

Aqfaq's comments


Anoobis' comments

Caterpillar catch? I can catch that! I can catch it every single time, ha!
Let's say I get 1 point per 100 frames. (In reality, it is probably impossible to get points so fast, but I'm the Anoobis.)
The high score run will take me at least 100 frames or more...
Let's see...
The maximum score in this game is 4 294 967 296 points.
Ha, cake of peace!
100 frames per point gives a total TAS lenght of 429 496 729 600 frames
about 227 years!
Okay... I can record input for that!
Wait a second... My ancient 700 gigabyte floppy disk will run out of space before the input file is finished!
Holy hieroglyph of !
227 years is too much for a TASer, but maybe not for a dedicated console speedrunner!
Pope may or may not love ponies, but he's more likely a console speedrunner than a TASer, just like Aristotle was.
If pope Benedict XIII had started playing caterpillar catch in the year of the lord 1785...
...then pope Benedict XVI might still be playing it today:
He would play caterpillar catch blindly, because the screen would have become unrecognizable many popes ago.
Does anyone know what actually happens to a hand-held console that runs 227 years straight?
Caterpillar catch high score run is probably an IMPOSSIBLE gaymplay movie, because Anoobis is pretty sure that the GAYMBOY would NOT run 227 years STRAIGHT without "hardware" problems.
This gives Anoobis some perspective.
Caterpillar catch is beyond LIFE. Who would have guessed?
Well, you know, the same is true for every TAS.
Remember that all TAS movies are AWESOME, because they are IMPOSSIBLE?
If any pope or pony tried replicating ANY of the TASVIDEOS movies on a console, they would fail miserably.
Well, they might be able to match the times of King's Bounty and SMB., but not many others.
Overall, TASVIDEOS is better than TASPOPES, because there can be only one TASPOPE at any given time.
However, Anoobis is pretty sure that there are undiscovered glitches in most of the games that the speedrunning popes might be able to find quite easily, allowing them a faster game completion time than the current TAS record.
That can not be tolerated! Go and seek them glitches! Look for the impossible! Make a tool that checks all the untested 255 button combinations for the previous frame and compares the "ghost character" positions to find the maximum character movement while TASing! Then, when the CPU power increases, check every combination for the previous two-frames in real-time to find even more tricks while TASing. It is tedious to TAS by hand. Why not generate huge amounts of input automatically, showing just a list of resulting RAM values and let the user choose from those? It is done already to some extent, but the method can be developed further for non-RPGs and pretty much any genre. Manual rerecords will be obsoleted with the multi-ghost machine!
Anoobis has no time to TAS every game himself (actually, no game at all for the time being), so please create more masterpieces, especially something like this: [1851] N64 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by MrGrunz in 1:29:32.02 It is arguably "the best TAS" ever created, a feature lenght super hero movie.
What they really mean is: WALK TO THE LEFT FOR NO REASON!
If TAS means breaking the limits, Anoobis is positively surprised some of the time, but still disappointed a little too often. It is his own fault though.
By the way, this submission message is partially generated by a machine.
"TASVideos submission message" is also an emergent genre of literature. Some submission messages are very informative and well written. Best submission messages should be awarded annually!

Movie attributes

  • Aims for high score (reaching 17260 points in less than 14 hours)
  • Is a demonstration
  • Is a conceptual TAS (e.g. shows an interesting concept without actually breaking the multiverse in the process)
  • Is a TAS movie (Take All Seriously movie)
  • Ran out of disk space (It really happened in another reality!)
  • Contemplates the fragile human condition
  • Colors everything in pink
  • Fails at constructing a pun using words "point counter" and "pontificate" (pun intended)
  • Is not a meme
  • Tries to push the boundaries somewhere, failing a little
  • Is a spiritual successor to alden's Desert Bus run
  • Attached images inspired by DarkKobold posting religious imagery while judging movies
  • Follows the footsteps of Pony Master Ferret Warlord
  • Stumbles
  • Genre: Aqfaq (as invented by jimsfriend)
  • Actual genre: jimsfriend

Spontaneous idea: CRAZYBENCH

So, how about implementing a "CRAZYBENCH", which would be Workbench for actively ENCOURAGING the craziest ideas imaginable instead of REJECTING them?
Tool-Assisted Laboratory is good, but we may also need Tool-Assisted Observatory, also known as TAO.
The 4-game multi-TAS is brilliant, but we haven't seen a 100 game multi-TAS yet! "Nah, it can not be entertaining, because I could never achieve it myself. It is soooo waste of time, playing 100 games at once!"
By the way, the minimum presses stuff is the best thing since walkathon! Why not allow submitting minimum presses for every game?
We have seen comments like "OMG! I would never have the courage to submit something like this". Is this the appropriate attitude for a TASer who is supposed to do the unexpected?
TASer is He-Man, the Master of the Universexpected!
With the "CRAZYBENCH", the Workbench would not be cluttered with stupid joke TASes like this. There are joke Doom wads, joke pron with fake , joke paintings like Picasso... and we are pretty sure there are also joke Youtube videos. So, why not joke TASes?
Even better, give an award to the best joke TAS of the year! This would increase the quality of joke TASes. Joke TAS is a category that nobody expected. Does anybody know what the first joke TAS was? What is your favorite joke TAS? Maybe a colored dinosaur by adelikat? Maybe the submission number 3500? The genre emerged spontaneously, but it can be
  • entertaining
  • surprising
  • innovative
Just like an ordinary TAS.
If this whole thing was a joke, would you know?
Are there serious TASes? What kind of a TAS is a serious TAS? Is it a funny TAS?
We believe that a good joke TAS can be more entertaining than an ordinary TAS.
By the way, this submission message was partially generated by a machine.
This pony thing is not a good joke TAS, anyway. It is not innovative enough. It is just some caterpillar bouncing four billion times.
Anoobis has spoken and will lay dormant again.
You there, please proceed.

Suggested screenshot

Oh, did we post this in wrong place? If yes, then don't worry. We won't do it again?

Also, watch before voting!

DarkKobold: And thus, Anoobis spoketh, and thus it shall be judged, for here and forever more, Anoobmen.

DarkKobold: This submission is a disgrace. As demonstrated by the Warlord of all FerretKind, the following password allows you to have 3 catepillars at once. 4NBBCBSB9 This should allow you to gain 3 points per 100 frames, which would make the score roll over in only 75.6666666666667 years! Now, instead of relying on Popes, a smart TASer would instead start with a 10 year old boy.
Now, he needs a GBA to play MLP on.
He would need to eat over the course of 76 years, so we need to provide him constant nutrients.
The GBA is going to need power. The power grids of the world are too unreliable for this lofty goal. Thus we must hire a group of fitness-conscious and slightly insecure people to continually power the GBA.
You may be wondering... when does the boy sleep? Well, thanks to the miracles of science, we will genetically engineer him not to sleep. Hooray Science!
However. his body will still atrophy if he is not forced to be active. Thus, we must place him on a continually moving treadmill.
Finally, 75 years later, we have score roll over!
Now, I would think that the great lord Anoobis, God of all TASes would have the foresight to see this obvious and clear solution to such a simple problem. This submission is blasphemy in his name.
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