Submission #3429: Scepheo's Windows Eversion "Bad Ending" in 02:38.85

Bad Ending
Hourglass r90
Submitted by Scepheo on 1/18/2012 12:16 AM
Submission Comments
A TAS of the (short but sweet) freeware Windows game Eversion.

Game objectives/info

  • Emulator used: none, created using Hourglass
  • Game version: 1.7.3
  • Gets the bad ending
  • Aims for the fastest time

About the game

A freeware platformer that's available here [link no longer exists] (and also on Steam for $4.99 with slightly more fancy graphics) which has a few nice surprising twists. As it's fairly short (especially when aiming for the bad ending) there's very little reason not to play it.


As it's a fairly straightforward platformer, there's very little that needs to be done except "run right for justice". However, a glitch is used in this movie to float over large gaps, saving some time in world 2 and 3. The glitch is done by jumping against the left-bottom corner of a block that's right above you. Then you can float (either left or right) as long as you keep holding the jump button. Apart from that, the continuous everting in world three is annoying.
I hope you enjoy this movie!

DarkKobold: Fairly poor response, given that it is somewhat of a generic platformer given the bad ending. However, my understanding of the game is that it is mostly about discovery. Since everything is known going into the TAS, even the any% good ending and 100% endings may also be rather bland. However, that really doesn't affect this decision. Rejecting due to poor feedback on goal choice.

turska: Unrejecting.

adelikat: For the purpose of the Vault, this does not seem to clearly complete the game. A "good ending" seems to be a real completion and thus Vault worthy (as would a 100% run). Setting this back to rejected.
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