Submission #3492: GoddessMaria's GBA Sonic Advance "Knuckles" in 14:59.28

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 53957
ROM Filename Sonic Advance (U) [!].gba Frame Rate 60
Branch Knuckles Rerecord Count 14542
Unknown Authors GoddessMaria
Game Sonic Advance
Submitted by GoddessMaria on 3/14/2012 7:25:02 PM

Submission Comments
Temporary encode:

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA v22
  • Uses a suboptimal character
  • Aims for In-game time instead of Real-time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
  • Uses death as shortcut
  • Uses the hardest difficulty
  • Does not use Ultra-Spindashes


Originally, this was going to be a "Tails" run that doesn't use nor abuse the Ultra dash glitch, but then a new idea was suggested to me and here is the result. While it doesn't make use of the Ultra Dash, it also uses its fair share of glitches that gives Knuckles a pretty good chance at beating the game in record time.

Stage by stage comments

Neo Green Hill 1 - 0:24:73

Not much to say about this level aside from optimized original strat.

Neo Green Hill 2 - 0:42:33

A high jump helped reach a high area of land much easier. Boss fight was pretty simple and quick.

Secret Base 1 - 0:38:08

Made use of the skip for the gliders at the beginning and optimized the rest of the strat.

Secret Base 2 - 1:04:15

Not much else here to note.

Casino Paradise 1 - 0:35:45

Slope jump abuse was the main focus here.

Casino Paradise 2 - 0:46:10

Running shoes were a huge help here for extra speed. Made reaching the boss much quicker.

Ice Mountain 1 - 0:46:98

Mostly gained extra speed from boosters and optimized the main route.

Ice Mountain 2 - 0:59:85

Mostly route optimization. To explain why I chose to slide instead of jumping into the water, it was so Knuckles can stay afloat for when the boss fight begins. Also manage to cause Knuckles to move in forward as the boss first appears.

Angel Island 1 - 0:29:32

Angel Island 1 is one of two levels where a glitch had to be exploited for a faster time. It also the only death in the run.

Angel Island 2 - 0:56:73

Not much special here aside from picking up an Invincibility midway. Mecha Knuckles fight was rather silly.

Egg Rocket 1 - 7:19:01 (displayed as 3:20:98 in game)

Ohh Egg Rocket, how I hate you so! This run made use of a glitch that pushes Knuckles through the floor and causes the level to lose solidarity. Thus making it possible to complete it in one go.

Cosmic Angel 2 - 1:06:92

Optimization of the current possible strat.

Final Zone - 0:47:55

Eggman 1 and Eggman 2 were no problem, but the final boss was a pain due to trying for manipulating which weapon he attacks with! I had to end the movie a little later due to Knuckles' positioning after bouncing off of Eggman.

Other comments

Major Thanks to Zeupar for suggesting the run idea and giving a bit of support. Also thanks to VanillaCoke for being my potential rival as well as being around when I needed an extra ear :3 Once again, Toothache, you're a wonderful motivator! I also need to really thank Mukki for without his help and his script, I would not have gotten very far. :) Thank you also to footbigmike for his strat for Egg Rocket 1~
Potential improvements are involving optimizing the final boss manipulation a little closer.

Suggested screenshot(s)

Frame 4960; Frame 14147; Frame 15935; Frame 31944; Frame 32241; Frame 32355; Frame 36233; Frame 36272; Frame 37426; Frame 39968; Frame 40132; Frame 40914; Frame 42002; Frame 42790; Frame 43283; Frame 44319; Frame 50706

Nach: Nice run. Accepting as first run for this branch.

natt: processing

Nach: Delaying, because author is making some improvements.

Nach: I replaced the movie file by an improved one from the author, and am judging once again.

Nach: Nice improvement, accepting.

natt: processing with tiny subtitles...

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