Submission #3502: Spikestuff's GBC Emperor's New Groove, The in 10:07.60

Console Game Boy Color Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 36456
ROM Filename Emperor's New Groove, The (U) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 6999
Unknown Authors Spikestuff
Game The Emperor's New Groove
Submitted by Spikestuff on 3/21/2012 1:20:59 PM

Submission Comments
So I decided to stay off Crash Bandicoot Huge Adventure for a bit (no spoilers I'm doing 100%), to do a side-project sadly the emulator didn't work so I found the handheld version and completely different to the Playstation version I'm writing about The Emperor's New Groove. I should also mention this tas was done 100% Blind as I never touched the Gameboy version in my life OK to be exact if you're going What the hell why did you do it like this I actually went over the level to see what is happening.

Story Line

Much like the movie Kuzco the young prince has been given a potion by Yzma and been transformed into a llama. Pacha a noble man who lives literately on the other hill decides to help reverse the spells of Kuzco as he was told that he "Kidnapped" Kuzco and turned HIM into a llama. Ok enough of the actual movie story line I don't want to spoil it to the ones who actually never seen the film and are willing to see it :D

What I used

  • Emulator used: vba-v24m-svn-r422

Main Goals and What I needed to do

  • Finish as fast as I can
  • Damage abuse when needed
  • Keep on running (When I can)
  • Control the Jumps (When possible)
  • Entertain

Levels - what happens

Level 1

  • Damage abuse twice
  • Avoid the scrolls as they show hints
  • Quickest way to Pacha so stay high up

Level 2

  • Get a shortcut down at the start by running jumping saving about 10 seconds
  • Damage abuse on spider make sure for the flip
  • Climb back up to Pacha

Level 3

  • I didn't know Kuzco was a long jumper (Sarcasim)
  • Avoid first damage abuse
  • Spit pot at higher point avoid running else slide off
  • Go up to go down XD

Level 4

  • Quick Damage abuse to help get down
  • Short cut #2 Sprint jump saves about 5 seconds
  • Go up, go down spit repeat the going up again
  • Get down damage abuse

Level 5

  • Time the jumps when going up (litelry some point the game doesn't want you to do certain things)
  • Damage abuse after spitting

Level 6

  • EARLY DAMAGE ABUSE damn that fish
  • I had to plan this one to have 1 heart left or else I'm screwed so I waited for the snake so I can use the Damage abuse without failure at later times

Level 7

  • Early spitting
  • Quick Damage Abuse for shortcut
  • Another early sprint
  • 1 HEART
  • SPIT THE BAT TO AVOID DEATH (within a-few frames :O)
  • Scroll unavoidable :(

Level 8

  • Sprint and go
  • Damage abuse on bat twice!
  • Random Spitting making it in

Level 9

  • GO UP, GO DOWN repeat
  • SHORTCUT SAVES 20ish Seconds

Level 10 - BOSS Panther

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE YOUTUBER, Engis2001 as he told me how to beat the panther.
  • Get Pacha to pick you up jump off around the end of background half from dark to light
  • Jump off then Hit B to hit lizard
  • Giant Rock comes down (Boulder like)
  • Dodge leapord - Leapord gets hit
  • Jump on Pacha
  • Wait for Rock to get off screen then Repeat
  • Last time (time #3) stand in between jump high as you can

Level 11

  • Get hit by pot if it comes down
  • Keep going right
  • Go next level up go left
  • Spit and go right AGAIN
Not much to write about this level

Level 12

  • Ok this took forever so it was annoying
  • Jump down stairs get in specific spot spit go back up go on other side spit go up GAH THAT WAS ANNOYING AT 35% game.... wait I was playing 25% at that part .-.

Level 13

  • Ok this is a level that actually at the first jump you see is uncontrollable hit to hard you go higer and hit more stuff... tap * well then you die. you cannot even do middle that's what I did and you will still hit that wall.
  • Damage abuse
  • Shortcut
  • Run down to Pacha

Level 14

  • Run and spit that's basicly what it was this level
  • OH i did a random spit cause I got bored :P and to prove not everything has to die

Level 15

  • Damage abuse, Run jump basicly like before and before that... wow this game is repetitive

Level 16

  • Same stuff...
it gets annoying at one part where there is basicly NO chance you can jump it so it's half stupid

Level 17

  • Avoid the falling rocks
  • Abuse when needed

Level 18

  • Go right to spit
  • Go back and up
  • Then rest is straight forward

Level 19

  • No choice damage abuse x2
  • Collect a heart
  • Avoid damage abuse
  • Damage Abuse
  • Damage Abuse 1 heart left ._.

Level 20 - Boss Yzma Pt 1

  • Get to the top before Kronk
  • Damage abuse helps at a certain point

Get turned back into a llama

Level 21 - Boss Yzma Pt 2

Same as before...
  • Get to top before Kronk
  • Damage abuse helps at certain point
Game completed :D Recording Starts: At the Start(so very start aka restarted game) Recording Ends: When Kuzco get transformed back into human form.
6999 was a random number I was originaly going for either 7000/9001 or 6789 (that did pop up aswell 6789)

Also if you see something wrong please be specific I want to know if something wrong happends

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