Submission #3543: adelikat's NES Color a Dinosaur "100%" in 07:15.12

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 1.0
Game Version USA Frame Count 26150
ROM Filename Color a Dinosuar (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 817
Unknown Authors adelikat
Game Color a Dinosaur
Submitted by adelikat on 4/1/2012 2:51:51 PM

Submission Comments
Well, its finally here! The long anticipated 100% version of one of the more epic TAS movies of all time!


  • Colors all dinosaurs
  • Aims for maximal entertainment and tension
  • Art

Ram addresses

  • 0x007E - Pixel position
  • 0x007F - Subpixel position
  • 0x030A - Color selection
  • 0x000E - Global Timer
  • 0x04F1 - RNG

Nach: I know this decision will be unpopular due to the large amount of yes votes, but this game is seriously lacking in the entertainment department. It's about as exciting as watching paint dry. Rejecting.

Last Edited by adelikat on 3/24/2019 11:15:12 PM
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