Submission #3570: tetora_X's GBC Dragon Warrior Monsters in 30:36.72

Console Game Boy Color Emulator VBA
Game Version JPN v1.0 Frame Count 110203
ROM Filename Dragon Quest Monsters - Terry no Wonderland (Japan) (SGB Enhanced).gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5425978
Unknown Authors tetora_X
Game Dragon Warrior Monsters
Submitted by tetora_X on 4/20/2012 6:18:07 PM

Submission Comments
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry no Wonderland (a.k.a. Dragon Warrior Monsters in UK/US, Dragon Quest Monsters in Germany) is a spin off series of the Dragon Quest games, published by Enix Corporation (now known as Square Enix).

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA-rr-svn421
  • Heavy Manipulation of luck
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Made with v1.0 ROM though, works on v1.1 too.


This run is a 27989 frame (7min46sec) improvement from DonamerDragon's USA version run.:
The overall points of the improvement:
  • Skip a gate from a previous run
  • Befriended stronger monster to save time in battle
  • Used monsters' skills effectively
  • Better luck manipulation mainly on dungeon creation
  • Japanese text, which is shorter than English text
  • At every dialogue text, by pressing A button at the fastest frame, 0~2 frames are saved than repeated press of A and B.
This game has no useful glitch for TAS.
My encode on niconico: (jp, required account) (en, required account) (jp, w/o registration)
While making this TAS, I've been annoyed by frequent freezes of the emulator in dungeon manipulation and continuous desync between luabot and real result in battle. They made the rerecords to 5 million and make me waste several months...

Stage by stage comments

From start to entering the first gate

It is pretty liner. I shortened the dialogue with the farmer boy by pressing B in leaving.

Gate of Beginning (たびだちのとびら)

Required gate. I set the message speed to "8(slowest)". it's known to Japanese DQ RTA/TAS players that "the slowest is the fastest, when we press buttons repeatedly". It also helps for luck manipulation.
No "HP 1 entertainment" at the battle of Healer, because every damage wastes about 30 frames. Befriended the strongest Healer(ホイミスライム) with AT 15. it saves some turns of later battles.

G Class Arena

Practically required. When you cheat money, this class is skip-able. :P Nothing to tell on battle. they are too weak.

Gate of Villager (まちびとのとびら)

Not required gate. I go to gather 100G for D class arena and to befriend Dragon(ドラゴン). I've taken Lib(ほねつきにく) and sold it at the shop of 3F, because it seems to be impossible to collect 100G efficiently in the gate. even if it's possible, it would be slower. to gather 100G, terry needs to pick up 5 gold item, at least. Max 20G there.

Gate of Talisman (まもりのとびら)

Not required gate. Skipped.

D Class Arena

Required arena. Killed Slime, because he will waste 40 frames every turn. It takes a bit longer than previous run, because of the lack of Golem.

Gate of Anger (いかりのとびら)

Required gate. I need to gather 10000G for the next arena. Collected expensive staffs as previous run. the staff and hole manipulation was really a**, it deprived me of crazy amount of precious time.
Befriended Dragon Kid(ドラゴンキッズ), using Herb(やくそう). He was so strong, i assume he saved much time to beat his father, Battle Rex(バトルレックス). lol

S Class Arena

Required arena. Nothing to talk with 1st and 2nd battle. the 3rd battle annoys me so much as DonamerDragon had annoyed 5 years ago. Due to the fool AI, they don't attack Metabble(はぐれメタル), when the other 2 monsters are alive. Metabble casts unavoidable magic every turn, unless we succeeded to cancel magic. Only when Roboster(キラーマシン) attacks before Metabble, Metabble re-thinks what to do and sometimes changes his action. After killing Roboster, my monsters had to kill Metal Drak(メタルドラゴン) while taking unavoidable damage from Metabbles.

Gate of Judgment (かがみのとびら)

I had planned to befriend Servant(まおうのつかい), because he appears in unavoidable battle. but it was turned out that Servant can't do critical hit. so, i abandoned my plan and befriended Mimic(ミミック) as usual.
One more unexpected thing is that, in Japanese v1.0 ROM, one of Servant casts Blizzard at the first turn by 100% and it kills Dragon Kid... So, i had to take Miststaff(まふうじのつえ)to prevent his magics...
Nothing for the other 2 bosses. they were easy to be beaten.

Starry Night Tournament(ほしふりのたいかい)

it was a funny tournament. most of the monsters are easily "defeated" by Defeat(ザラキ)spell of Mimic. There was no fatigue, unlike previous run. ;D


The current run ends at the weird point. there are some dialogue after the movie end and the long ending credit. my submission is ended at the same point though, i can replace the movie, which is same as the one i posted on niconico, when needed.

Other comments

Possible improvements

  • better luck manipulation. it will need either billions of rerecords or more stable emulator. the random number is so tricky to handle by calculation.
  • the chart can be improved. i have no idea.
  • Giving meats to disobeyed ally may save some time or it may waste.
  • Manipulates the first Slime's AT to 10 may save few seconds. i didn't know it was not a fixed parameter.

ledauphinbenoit: adding YT encode

adelikat: Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.

natt: Processing...

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