Submission #358: Dan_'s NES Journey to Silius in 11:12.22

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU 0.98.12
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 40333
ROM Filename Journey_to_Silius_(U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1840
Unknown Authors BillBull
Game Journey to Silius
Submitted by BillBull on 10/6/2004 11:07:43 PM

Submission Comments
Here is my "tool-assisted speedrun" of Journey to Silius for NES. I used FCEUltra, because I dislike Famtasia. It is 2:46 faster than the current movie by Exim.
There are only 5 levels, and the last one is auto-scrolling, so it's not that long of a game. Each level has a mini-boss at the end of the side-scrolling part, and then you warp to a screen with a boss who is 10x bigger than you are. Each mini-boss drops a weapon once you kill it in the form of an orb with a letter it in.
This is a warpless movie, because there aren't any warps in this game, or passwords for that matter. I go into the floor on the last auto-scrolling level for a second, but if you stay in there too long you die so I had to jump out fairly quickly. I also took hits to go faster.

Bisqwit: I'm processing this movie now, but can you explain what did the improvement consist of?
Bisqwit: At 7:19, you fall to the wrong direction. It looks like a mistake. Can you explain what is the reason?
Dan_: You have to scroll the screen all the way to the right before it starts scrolling down, so I had to move to the right a bit more than usual.
The main improvements are from not switching weapons as often, taking more hits to save time, and playing more smoothly. I don't stop running to the left unless it is necessary, unlike Exim's movie.
Bisqwit: Ok, good. The .avi has wrong time in subtitles - it was miscalculated as PAL timing... Sorry about that. :(

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