Submission #3635: Cooljay's SNES Bébé's Kids in 10:19.10

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x v1.51
Game Version USA Frame Count 37146
ROM Filename Bebe's Kids.smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 905
Unknown Authors Cooljay
Game Bébé's Kids
Submitted by Cooljay on 6/19/2012 11:10:01 PM

Submission Comments
Bebe's Kids... It's Tool Assisted.
Okay jokes aside. This is the game off the shoddy animated film of an okay stand up act. Well known from the Nostalgia Critic's game review.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9x v1.51
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes Damage to save time
  • Takes items(projectiles) to save time
  • Kills enemies only required to progress
  • Manipulates Luck (Boss Fights)


I made a TAS of this, because no one else on TASVideos had done it already.
I was also interested in watching this poor poor game get torn to shreds.

Stage by stage comments

  • Fairway Stages:
Just the simple run of the mill beatdown of the guards, mascots. I ignore the dogs simply, because it's faster to keep going despite taking damage. For some reason I manipulated luck that the dogs only appear on the last one.
  • Haunted House:
I use various save states to find the fastest way to get to the exit.
  • Pirate Ship:
Pretty much the same ordeal as fairway stages except you have to kill some parrots to progress. However I save some projectiles for the boss.
  • Pirate Ship Boss:
Use my projectiles I had left over, and grab some more, then finish him with an uppercut. Manipulate Luck to my advantage.
  • The Pit:
Use save states to find the fastest way out. Kill only 4 enemies that are needed to progress.
  • Final Boss Lair:
Just another case of beating people up to progress, and for some reason killing the bats too.
  • Final Boss:
The most cheapest boss ever. His hitboxes are so non-existent. I have to manipulate luck for when he can be hit even if it takes getting damage.

Enemy AI notes

  • Guards/Big Pirate/Small Pirate
Does 3 Strides, turns for a few frames, does 3 more strides. Can grab you if you bump into them. Takes 3 hits to kill. Unusually fast.
Small pirate throws swords at you. I dodge one sword in the run.
  • Mascots
Can only hurt you if you bump into them. Not terribly difficult to deal with.
  • Dogs
Hard to dodge, Can't be hit with uppercut. If you continue running during damage you won't fall sometimes. I simply just keep going forward, because it would be faster than fighting them all off.
  • Booth Lady/Hiding Robot
Throws projectiles at you that are almost always aimed for you. Can be dodged somewhat if you do things in certain ways. I dodge twice from a jump at the near the end of the level, and by sliding down to below on the pit level.
  • Paintings
Just moving quickly will avoid their projectile
  • Mummies
Pretty much on pursuit to hit you. I almost get hit by one by running to a bookcase.
  • Ghost Book
Jumping while it is getting out will make you not take damage. If it hits you, then it goes back into the book.
  • Robot Bear
Hard to dodge, Can be hit with an uppercut. You will fall during damage regardless if you run or not.
  • Nixon Bot
Shoots super fast projectiles. Can be dodged from far away.
  • Parrots
Can be defeated with kicks only. Tries to hit you then go back. I let on hit me just so I can kill two enemies in a short span, and because there wasn't much of a way to avoid him either.
  • Bats
Only attack when they are fully near the ground. Can be defeated with kicks or punches in the air.
  • Hooded Robot
Not that difficult of an enemy to deal with due to him being easier to catch up to.

Other comments

Audience will enjoy
  • Watching a horrible game get dominated.
  • How stupid the AI is
  • How quickly I beat the hardest levels.

Nach: Sure, I'd love to judge what was known as the worst game of all time!

Nach: This game lives up to its reputation. Not only for regular play is it bad, it's pretty bad for a TAS too. The game looks like it's running in slow motion all the time, not just to create the TAS. The gameplay is rather boring, and 10 minutes for a game this bad is just way too much. Most of the audience can't stand this game, rejecting.

Nach: After some reconsideration, this looks like a decent vault choice. Never imagined I'd end up accepting this drivel.

Brandon: Publication underway.

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