Submission #3646: Atomnium's GB Final Fantasy Adventure "12% - After Hydra" in 10:45.22

Console Game Boy Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 38713
ROM Filename Final Fantasy Adventure (U) [!] Frame Rate 60
Branch 12% - After Hydra Rerecord Count 33297
Unknown Authors Atomnium
Game Final Fantasy Adventure
Submitted by Atomnium on 7/5/2012 7:30:09 PM

Submission Comments
Hey! Before beginning, please forget me for my english, 'cause I'm French!
This game was my favorite video game, since I was 6yo! Then, when I saw MattyXB's run, I told to myself "I've to do it!" So this run has to be better than hims ^^ It's only the beginning of the game I'll show you, because I'm making it only for some days. I created the movie some months ago, but it was just for testing the emulator, and try to understand the frames and others things. That's why the name of the creator of the movie file is Sarriel (it's the nickname I use on online games like Diablo 3 ^^). And after i saw that i did the best first fight I can, I continued to play with this movie.
I want to say that I dont want to beat the run he did with warps and others, but the perfect run he did (1:33:09.43), without bug, doing all bosses. I think it will be the only run I'll make, then I want to do a perfect one, not a cheated!
So, after some hours of playing, I realized that the beginning is exactly the same as MattyXB's, until some screens after Bogard's house.
After this, the run became different than hims, 'cause I prefer to kill more monsters than Matty :)
There are moments where I could save, or loose some frames.
- During the night at Kett's, when the screen becomes black, i don't know why but the animation is 10 frames longer than in Matty's run. Don't aske me why, I really don't understand! ^^
- The fight with lizards was very hard. I'd to manipulate the room a lot of times, to have a good configuration. But there was no config like Matty's. He was very lucky ^^ Then, i lost some frames, because the fight was longer. It's not a problem
- When i meet the caped Man (Julius) in the cave, I manipulated the game because he often goes to the bottom of the screen, but sometimes, it's possible to avoir it, saving a lot of precious frames <3
- I've manipulated a lot a rooms which i couldn't cross without fighting. Then i manipulated these rooms to have 2 monsters at the same place, to kill them with the same attack, to win more XP.
- The best frame saving I did was against the Hydra. To be simple, I killed it when it was at the bottom of the screen. Matty had to wait it to come back at the top of the screen to kill it. Then, I saved a lot of frames (several seconds) only on this fight.
I won't list here the tips, and bugs, and glitches I used. Why? because they are the same as Matty's, there is no secret, only manipulation! ^^ The second reason is that if someone wants to do a run, I think that he have to find all of this by himself, it's another part of this art!
To finish, I'll post the rest of the run when it will be finished I think. I'm actually after the death of the Megapede. Then I've a lot of work to finish ^^ I hope I'll success :)
The last frame of the movie is the first white screen when the hero is teleported to the entrance of the cave. I choose this moment, to compare with Matty. At the same moment, he had 38 881 frames. Then I'm only about 2~3s faster x)
Oh and excuse me for the high re-record count! I often use the Rewind function, and it adds +1 to the counter

Noxxa: Hello Atomnium, and welcome to TASVideos. Unfortunately, I'll have to cancel this submission. The submission workbench is only for finished runs. Works in progress are to be posted in the forums, not in the submission queue. Please post your work in progress in the forum instead.

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