Submission #3663: Nahoc's N64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in 05:08.08

Nintendo 64
mupen64-rr 8
Tony Hawks Pro Skater (U) [!].z64
Submitted by Nahoc on 7/27/2012 1:49:02 AM
Submission Comments
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is the first game in a now extensive series of 10+ games that are still being created and released to this day. It was first released for the Playstation on September 30, 1999, and later ported to the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast. "Primitive" by today's Tony Hawk control standards, this game utilizes flip tricks, grab tricks, grinds, and special tricks, which can be done on street ramps, vert ramps, rails, and all sorts of other objects.

Game Objectives

  • Emulator used: Mupen64 0.5 rerecording v8
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Genre: Sport
  • Brings back 2000's memories
  • Rips your childhood apart
Here are the three main tricks used in this run:


Grinding usually adds to your speed. This is why I jump many times on the same rail to reach optimal speed. Upward rails give speed faster than downward rails for some reason.


While wallriding, you can jump a second time to reach higher areas.


Jumping keeps most of your speed. I abuse this technique a lot in this run.


This is a 93 frames improvement over my previous run. The time saved comes from better strategies in Skate Park Chicago and Burnside Portland.

Stage by Stage Comments

Please see the previous submission.

Suggested screenshots

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turska: Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.
Guga: Processing...
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