Submission #3715: TASeditor's GBA The Wild in 28:39.05

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA23.4a
Game Version any Frame Count 103143
ROM Filename Wild, The (U) (M4).gba Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 54718
Unknown Authors TASeditor
Game The Wild
Submitted by TASeditor on 10/10/2012 5:38:38 PM

Submission Comments
This is the offical game of a movie with the same name (sadly no porn).
The game is about a lion named Samson whose son Ryan is lost. There are some other animals which help Samson to find his son. Ironically Ryan is found before the game ends, he's even found multiple times in challenge mode.
Anyway. The games uses two different characters with individual abilities.
First the Lion Samson. He can hit enemies with his paw or use dash attacks to increase his velocity. He can also do a high jump, if he has two units in the boost meter left.
The other character is the squirrel Benny. Climbing trees and swinging on poles is no problem for him. He uses acorns to kill enemies, this makes the run to be well prepared in the challenge mode.
Both characters can run faster until there boost meter is empty. To refill it enemies must be killed or climbing on a tree or a pole with Benny.
In order to unlock the story mode and chapters of the story mode, it's needed to do the tutorial levels and levels in the challenge mode first. There are 48 challenges to unlock in order to complete the game. The challenges are always the same.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA23.4a
  • Glitch abuse
  • Takes damage to save time



I found a glitch with the sqirrel to go faster. There a two different ways to perform it. The first way is running to a tree on the ground and then jump to that tree you have to change the the side and fall down at the same time. This glitch can be stored for later usage and it can be used for different directions, even horizontally if the squirrel runs down an egde, but it's useless since there are only short gaps and thew invert and decrease the speed.
The second way to perform the glitch works only if the squirrel is on a limb. It's simply changing direction of the input while jumping towards the tree. This can't be stored but it can be cancelled.
There's also a glitch for the lion to go faster, it's so fast that the camera can't follow the player. You have to find a bull near an edge, gaps don't work. This bull must be unconscious lying on the edge and you have to perform a dash attack down the egde. If it's done right the lion will shoot out of the screen.
It's also possible to hit enemies multiple times. This is usefull for challenge mode. But it's not possible with some kinds of enemies.

Stage by stage comments

Tutorial stages can't be skipped.
There's also a challenge mode for them.
Tutorial 1: This level shows the controls of Samson for normal levels
Tutorial 2: It shows how to play on boss stages.
Tutorial 3: This is how you controll the squirrel.
Tutorial 4: The Rest of the tutorial for Benny on normal levels.
Chapter 1-1: I had to follow the bird to complete this level.
This level needs to be done twice in challenge mode, cause there a less acorns to unlock all challenges in one turn.
Chapter 1-2: A simple straightforward level. I had to push an ice block backwards to refill the boost meter to do a high jump.
Challenge mode: Challenges unlocked for tutorial levels 1 - 3 and level 1-1.
Chapter 2-1: Another simple straightforward level. The white dogs cannot be killed with a dash attack, they will slow Samson down as he touches them. They need to get punched.
Chapter 2-2: Now the levels go in more directions. The poles give some boost.
Chapter 2-3: This level goes mainly vertically. Therefore quick climbing is required.
Chapter 2-4: An sewers themed underground level.
Chapter 2-5: The next underground level.
Chapter 2-6: The first boss of the game. I have simply hit him, but it only works once while the crocodile comes out of the pipe. I also added some dancing to make it more entertaining.
Challenge Mode: For levels 1-2 and 2-1 - 2-4.
Chapter 3-1: This is another mainly horizontal level.
I also had to do this level twice in challenge mode, cause of the same reason. It is faster to do it twice than doing anyone of the others levels.
Chapter 3-2: A level where to jump from bird to bird flying in the sky. There's nothing special about it.
Chapter 3-3: The Hillside level. Enemies which makes you slow down are hidden in the bushes.
Chapter 3-4: The next boss.
Challenge Mode: The rest of level 1-1 is done and levels 3-1 - 3-3 are done.
Chapter 4-1: A vertical level starting from above and simly falling down to the goal.
Chapter 4-2: A straightforward level. I used a glitch here, it only worked on that position where I used it in the run, because the positions where I could use it are skipped.
Chapter 4-3: Some cavern level with alot of climbing.
Chapter 4-4: Another vulcano level, also with a lot of climbing.
Chapter 4-5: The next level in the vulcano. I also used the same glitch here.
Chapter 4-6: The last normal level. I used the glitch here to actually warp to the finish, but the camera have first move to it.
Chapter 4-7: The last boss.
Have fun!

turska: Judging.

turska: The tutorials and boss fights are dull, but the majority of the run is solid. Accepting for publication.

natt: procesing

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