Submission #3798: Robert_Ordis's GBC Pocket Bomberman "JumpGame" in 01:51.18

System Game Boy Color Emulator VBA-rr v23.5 svn438
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 6671
ROM Filename Pocket Bomberman (U) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch JumpGame Rerecord Count 2012
Unknown Authors Robert_Ordis
Game Pocket Bomberman
Submitted by Robert_Ordis on 12/24/2012 10:35:38 AM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Visual Boy Advance re-recording v23.5 svn438
  • Aims for fastest anyway.
  • Clears all of stages in JumpGame(for last name entry).
  • Abuses a programming error.

About this game

"Jump Game" is a addition of Pocket Bomberman.
There is three stages in JumpGame.
And in each stage, the stage is divided by gate into 4 area.
In each area, one boss and some items and some enemies are existing.
In normal way, player can open the gate to the next area by defeating the boss.
Purpose of this game is arriving at goal(the highest gate).
If player could earn the highest score(by defeating enemies and clear in fast time), player can entry name into top 5.

Throughing wall glitch.

In this discription, I discribe for only throughing the ceiling.
This glitch allows player to throughing a wall. Depending on how to use it, player can through into the ceiling too. This glitch is caused by a border of height for making the bomb unthroughable.
If there is a preexisting block under the ceiling, player can through ceiling(or the block over player) by only one bomb excepting for border of vertical map connecting.
But, in vertical map connecting area, player need 2 bombs at least for throughing the ceiling.
If there is not preexisting block, player can use 1 bomb as substitute. However, in that case, necessary number of bombs is incresed by 1.
This glitch is also usable for faster paced jumping than usual.

In this movie

Purpose of this movie is defeating those stages and finish for last name entry. So, I through the enemies and bosses as I can by abusing programming error.
However, In second area of Hard stage and first area of Easy and Normal stage, I defeated the boss for opening the gate because lack of bombs.
In JumpGame, I adjusted a height of jumping point by bombs for using wall throughing glitch because height of jump can't be adjusted.

Used luascript

For making this movie, I used a script for showing position, speed, bomb's status and general view of map.
[dead link removed] (for VBA-rr v23.5 svn 438)

Nach: Accepting for first run of this mini-game.

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