Submission #3835: jlun2's GBA Densetsu no Stafy in 03:28.68

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator vba-v24m-svn422
Game Version JPN Frame Count 12464
ROM Filename Densetsu no Stafy (Japan).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 49898
Unknown Authors jlun2
Game Densetsu no Stafy
Submitted by jlun2 on 1/20/2013 4:49:14 AM

Submission Comments
A short platformer made even more shorter with the extensive use of glitches. Little to none of the normal gameplay exist now.
  • Emulator used: vba-v24m-svn422
  • The Real Stafy HAX
  • Fastest Time
  • Corrupts a minor game
This run was the result of a PM + several other people who unintentionally motivated me to investigate further for more improvements. Every part of the run excluding the demo has been improved, and as a result, the TAS resembles almost nothing like a normal run.

Stage by stage comments


It's impossible to speed it up. 0 Frames saved here.

Stage 2

I deliberately lose 1 frame to spin towards moe. It'll save time in the final stage.

Last Stage

Remember in the previous run, I go to the next room to corrupt the save? That was because if I did it in the first room, I would go OoB and the game would respawn me back to the beginning. Well, this time, I managed to strike moe without getting respawned, saving 189 frames compared to the published run. Given the length of this movie's input, that's quite alot.

2nd Last Boss

2 frames were saved due to better positioning, allowing me to strike the boss 1 frame earlier for botth first two attacks. I also discovered a way to keep the boss still, so the last 3 hits were easier to do.

Last Boss

In the current TAS, I proceed to reset the game following the first hit. In this run, I hit him twice before doing so. Why twice? Well, after the 2nd hit, he'll go off screen and shoot fire at you, wasting frames. Oh, and hitting him like this is faster than resetting 4 times.

Other comments

I would like to thank the following people for their help:
Tarby: For starting it all.
Gocha: For his list of memory addresses.
applepieman: For his contributions with his well played WIP.
Chamale: For his contributions with his well played WIP
Sonikkustar: For a trick on the second demo.
Jlun2: For discovering the save glitch.
Torchickens: For helping me try to find a new route, even though it didn't quite work out.

Suggested Screenshot

Frame 8202:

Nach: Accepting as improvement to previous run.

Nach: Replacing movie with slightly faster one from author.

Ilari: Got the files...

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