Submission #3856: SDR's Arcade Street Fighter Zero 3 "playaround" in 21:17.47

Console Arcade Emulator FBA RR v0.0.2
Game Version Asia Frame Count 76648
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch playaround Rerecord Count 42094
Unknown Authors SDR
Game Street Fighter Alpha 3
Submitted by SDR on 2/3/2013 5:33:32 AM

Submission Comments
Hello everyone. I'm first time bringing of this game..The game Street Fighter Zero3/ストリートファイターZERO3(Original name) more known like Alpha3 Released in 98.
SFZ/A3 is a evolutions of the previous zero series, and there was a huge improvement in the fight style,combos,animations/mode(VIsible on PSXv) and with adition of fighters that it was missing In A/z(Street Fighter Alpha or Zero) and also in A/z2 (Street Fighter Alpha2 or Zero2).

Game Feature

In Street Fighter Zero 3, when you select your fighter then ask you to choose 1 of types 3 ISMs:
  • X-ISM (You can build your super in 1 lv like in SST2X, note: you will cause a high damage on your enemy.
  • Z-ISM (You can build your super in 3 lvs like in sfz and sfz2
  • V-ISM (You can build your super in 2 lvs like in sfz2 sfz2 that it was together to the 3 lvs. You can perform free custom combos, instead of the sfz2 that you was being pushing forward and then you should make combos during that.
The game has also the hidden modes. They are Classic Mode, Mazi Mode and Saikyou one, them all has relation to damage on your enemy. So, you can understand the chance for easy dizzy is high.
The Game bring the mode where you've got controlling both players against the cpu and using them to pummel his opponents with style. This is the called Dramatic Mode. it's excellent for TASes.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FBA RR v0.0.2
  • Rom: Street Fighter Zero 3 (980904 Asia)
  • 2 players
  • Dramatic mode
  • Final Battle Mode
  • Reset Game
  • Combo count: reaches 99 hit
  • AI manipulation
  • uses all ISMs
  • Aims for entertainment, not fastest time


when I started this run, I just wanna create a default playthrough and then came the ideas of wanting to add new stuff. One of the fights that you'll see, will be Sagat/Honda vs Balrog where was being made a combo and at the end, happened a dizzy on enemy(intentional) . That was just to add the trick "multiple dizzy" with Honda. I did that to prove it's possible make a 100% combo without get dizzy the enemy. I used, dramatic battle , 1p to story/final battle mode and extra aditions which include some glitches and tricks found to become the run interesting and watchable.


Kattobi cancel:

that can be little known but to z3 players is old hat. You'll need to active the custom combo for the glitch works. Basically when you perform it, your fighter will be pushing at the toward you are. To a easy compression you can understand it, like if were a "march out" of the zero point till destination point. In each fighter this glitch act of diferent forms, and the singles fighters that have a different reaction to the glitch.


When your enemy is dizzied and before him getting stand up , if you perform some special move that catch , surely you'll can make it, this is the game glitch

Simultaneous Supers:

If you perform a supercancel with both characters at the same time they'll can both use the same level of the super bar. example: Ryu and Sakura 2 Hadouken at level 3.

Expressing thoughts.

In my opnion this game is cutest street fighter ever made..narrations, background sound, fight styles, fight, modes.. It missed only "parry" but this game is enough for me.
Best regards

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Another good playaround by SDR. The run does well to showcase the variety of game modes and characters in the game. Accepting for publication alongside the current "Dramatic Battle" run.

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