Submission #3875: Masterjun's Windows VVVVVV in 13:30.25

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Hourglass r81
Submitted by Masterjun on 2/22/2013 6:54:09 PM
Submission Comments
This is a any% run of a game called VVVVVV. I used version 2.0 because in the latest version (2.1) you can't commit suicide by pressing R. The ingame time of this run is 12:33 which is 45 seconds faster than the current toolless run (13:18), which also uses version 2.0.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Hourglass r81 (Multithreading and Wait Sync: Allow)
  • Aims for the fastest completion
  • Skips Gravitron
  • Uses death to save time


The physics of this game are strange, that's why I found it hard to optimize this. In this game you basically only have 5 keys. < and > to move the guy around. Action to flip and to talk. Enter to warp from a teleporter and R to commit suicide. Death saved time in the tower because the screen will scroll to a specific position based on the checkpoint when you respawn. If you die and the checkpoint is at the top of the screen, it will scroll down and save time.


Dying in the intro

I think the game gets confused if you die in the intro where you shouldn't supposed to die so it brings you back to your starting position. It skips a few scenes but the biggest save is that you can skip Gravitron because saving Violet doesn't lead you to the grey rooms.

Going through "Inversion Planes"

Inversion Planes or bounce lines can be skipped if they are near the floor. You press up then release it one frame then press up again. This is possible without tools if you try a bit :)

Other Comments

I guess this game can have different branches. There are twenty Shiny Trinkets around the game which could make a 100% run interesting. It is also possible to create a movie without dying, which wouldn't skip Gravitron for example. There is a No Death Mode which can be unlocked and you can skip cutscenes with it.

Suggested Screenshot


turska: Judging.

turska: Viewer response is good and the run is great. Accepting for publication to Moons.
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