Submission #3929: Ilari's SNES Yoshi's Safari in 31:42.12

Console Super NES Emulator lsnes rr2-β4
Game Version USA Frame Count 114315
ROM Filename Yoshi's Safari.smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 18801
Unknown Authors Ilari
Game Yoshi's Safari
Submitted by Ilari on 4/1/2013 10:40:10 AM

Submission Comments
  • Uses Superscope.
  • Shoots lots of animals.
  • Blasts some bosses.
  • Also syncs on lsnes rr1-Δ17ε1.
  • Should make BH importer error out.
Quick 4:4:4 encode (with some Lua scripting):

Rapid fire

Usually rapid fire can fire every other frame. But sometimes there are lag frames, so one can only fire 3-5 frames after the previous shot.

General miniboss stategy

No miniboss has damage invulernability. Just blast them as fast as possible.

The "pot" miniboss (level 4)

This boss ocassionally turns away, during that time it can't be damaged.

Big hammer bros miniboss (level 5, boss rush)

This boss shakes the screen, but the shaking is not powerful enough to stun Mario, just throw off the aim (which can be compensated).

The "blue fire worm" miniboss (level 8, boss rush).

This boss has for some reason fairly long periods where one can't fire shots (the shots either won't even shoot, or just explode in midair).
Also, the HP of this boss is just weird. Destroying one segment can reset the HP of another. Thus I concentrate fire on each individual segment in turn.

Lemmy koopa (level 1 boss)

The second phase has damage invulernability, but due to some glitch that stops working (shooting at narrow time window after jump lands screws the invulernability for some reason), followed by blasting the boss with rapid fire.

Ludwig von Koopa (level 2 boss)

Nothing special.

Wendy Koopa (level 3 boss)

This boss can only be damaged by shooting down those flying anvils in order to drop those on her.
When you shoot those bombs thrown by Wendy and horseshoes fired by anvils affects Wendy's pattern. Here the pattern is manipulated so that Wendy only needs to pop 5 times.
The window to hit Wendy on the first cycle is very tight, only a few frames.

Larry Koopa (level 4 boss)

Larry can't be hit while sufficiently left on the screen. That's why I stop firing for a moment even when it looks like I could still hit him.

Morton Koopa (level 5 boss)

Nothing special.

Iggy Koopa (level 6 boss)

Nothing special here either. I don't need to shoot down the final shot because Iggy's machine is destroyed just before the shot hits and yoshi gets event invulernability.
Also, damn those first two weakpoints are small.

Roy Koopa (level 7 boss)

There is brief period during blasting the right arm when the shots don't connect.

Magikoopa (level 8 boss)

During first phase, he can only be hit once per cycle. I manipulate him by timing the shots so that he won't fake-spawn (which would waste time).
Also, the only way to avoid being hit by this boss is to hit him before he attacks. It seems his attack is the only projectile attack that can't be shot down.
The second phase can be hit 2 times per phase. But this way the boss can't be manipulated so he sometimes fake-spawns. But the HP is odd, so one of the cycles I shoot just once, timing it so that fake-spawn won't occur.

Big Boo (level 9 boss)

This is one hectic bossfight due to lots of attacks coming from all over the screen.
Both forms need to be manipulated to not turn invisible except perhaps during early when boss swaps sides. Otherwise time is wasted waiting for boss to become vulernable again.
During the second phase, one needs to hit the boss sticking his tongue out. In theory one can hit three times per side, but I didn't manage to land third hit on first side (the second hit was already very difficult).

Charge Chuck(?) (level 10 boss)

During falling, he can only be hit once, but other than that, he can be blasted continuously.
He has jump and throw bomb attack. This attack is very difficult to intercept, but possible. Anyway, he is blasted away before he uses this atack.

Giant turtle (level 11 boss)

During first phase, four koopas man the cannons, next turning after the previous has been killed.
This boss is manipulated a lot to use as long attack patterns as possile. Otherwise, there is substantial time it is underwater and can't be hit.
Unfortunately, some of the manipulation can't be done with hit shots, so I purposefully shoot some shots that miss.
During the second phase, the boss is manipulated to use it's turtle shell attack as often as possible. With rapid fire, one can hit the enemy 9 times per attack (requiring 4 attacks to destroy).

Bowser (level 12 boss)

I blast one hand to just 1 HP and then blast the other hand to see if I could cause both hands to explode at once to save some time waiting for explosion animation to finish. Turns out this won't work, as even shots in flight won't hit.
I tried to manipulate Bowser to use his fire attack faster in the final phase. I couldn't make that happen. Also, the hitbox for final attack is pretty small.

Nach: This game isn't exciting as I remembered, but the run was well done. Accepting for first run of this game.

Last Edited by Ilari on 4/7/2013 6:25:10 PM
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