Submission #3940: TEHH_083, happy_mario's Windows Syobon Action in 01:49.77

Console Windows Emulator v0.8
Game Version unknown Frame Count 3293
ROM Filename SyobonAction.exe Frame Rate 29.999908897938358
Branch Rerecord Count 62
Unknown Authors TEHH_083, happy_mario
Game Syobon Action
Submitted by happy_mario on 4/3/2013 4:39:25 PM

Submission Comments
Also known as "Cat Mario", Syobon Action is an extremely difficult mario-clone platformer that usually takes many tries to complete. This run aims to do so in the fastest possible time.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Hourglass - r81
  • Fastest Time For Real
  • No Deaths
  • Do not use select-state key (Number keys 1-4)


Before introducing this movie, I want to explain why this movie's re-record count is only 62, because this run is an improved version of the formal run in 1:49:87, so the real re-record count is 4432. When you want to watch it in Hourglass, please set FPS to 30 and System Time to 0.
First of all, I would like to thank my friend Hu, who have provided me with many technical supports, so I can create this movie. Also, I would like to thank jlun2, because he came up with an important suggestion - the Lags in this game, which helped me saved more than 100 frames.
Secondly, the reason why I used the "4 stage" version instead of an extended one is because the "official" site only has this version. Also, a source claims that Syobon Action only has 4 stages, implying that the extended version is a fan-game.


Wall Jumping

With enough horizontal velocity, you can clip slightly into a wall if you turn around for ~1 frame. Then simply hold onto the jump button ("Z" or "UP") to jump again once inside the wall. (If you are lucky, you can jmup on the wall at full speed! )

Quick Turn

To turn quickly, bump into a wall for 1 frame then immediately turn around. It's faster than turning without bumping into a wall. Used once in stage 1 - 1.

Quick Decelerate

When you're on the ground and you are fast forward, don't hold onto any button for 1 frame, then you will slow down more quickly than hold onto the back button. Used once in stage 1 - 2.

Stage by stage comments


The first stage of the game. I tried to speed up my cat, and it's a fully optimized run, so finally I saved 19 frames in this stage.


I managed to save 1 frame at the first screen but failed, then I watched Hu's previous run and luckily got the 1 frame. In the third screen I jumped first, then saved 6 frames.


The third stage takes place above ground. I tried to make less deceleration and kick the shell more accurately, in the end I saved 10 frames.


As the third stage, I tried to accelerate in this stage, finally I saved 12 frames.

Other comments

Possible Improvements

  • Speed/Pixel Management (Needs RAM Search & RAM Watch)

Actual Screenshot

(frame 1278)

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