Submission #3949: happy_mario, TEHH_083's Windows Syobon Action in 01:49.63

Console Windows Emulator Hourglass - r81
Game Version JPN Frame Count 3289
ROM Filename しょぼんのアクション.exe Frame Rate 30.000091213412023
Branch Rerecord Count 200
Unknown Authors happy_mario, TEHH_083
Game Syobon Action
Submitted by happy_mario on 4/12/2013 4:54:07 PM

Submission Comments
Also known as "Cat Mario", Syobon Action is an extremely difficult mario-clone platformer that usually takes many tries to complete. This run aims to do so in the fastest possible time.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Hourglass - r81
  • Fastest Time For Real
  • No Deaths
  • Do not use select-state key (Number keys 1-4)


When you want to watch it in Hourglass, please set FPS to 30, System Time to 0, App Locale to Force Japanese locale.
If you couldn't run this movie or often crashed, please choose Disable DirectSound Creation to repair it. It may help solving this problem.
First of all, I would like to thank my friend Hu, who have provided me with many technical supports, so I can create this movie. Also, I would like to thank jlun2, because he came up with an important suggestion - the Lags in this game, which helped me saved more than 100 frames. Last, all my thanks go to the website and the warm-hearted staffs.
Secondly, the reason why I used the "4 stage" version instead of an extended one is because the "official" site only has this version. Also, a source claims that Syobon Action only has 4 stages, implying that the extended version is a fan-game.


Wall Jumping

With enough horizontal velocity, you can clip slightly into a wall if you turn around for ~1 frame. Then simply hold onto the jump button ("Z" or "UP") to jump again once inside the wall. (If you are lucky, you can jmup on the wall at full speed! )

Quick Turn

To turn quickly, bump into a wall for 1 frame then immediately turn around. It's faster than turning without bumping into a wall. Used once in stage 1 - 1.

Quick Decelerate

When you're on the ground and you are fast forward, don't hold onto any button for 1 frame, then you will slow down more quickly than hold onto the back button in the air. Used once in stage 1 - 2.

Stage by stage comments


The first stage of the game. I tried to speed up my cat, and it's a fully optimized run, so finally I saved 19 frames in this stage.


I managed to save 1 frame at the first screen but failed, then I watched Hu's previous run and luckily got the 1 frame. In the third screen I jumped first, then saved 6 frames.


The third stage takes place above ground. I tried to make less deceleration and kick the shell more accurately, in the end I saved 10 frames.


As the third stage, I tried to accelerate in this stage, finally I saved 12 frames.

Other comments

Possible Improvements

  • Speed/Pixel Management (Needs RAM Search & RAM Watch)

Actual Screenshot

Frame 1167

feos: The first submission by this author already got a great feedback (80%, 12/0/3) which can be conferred to this submission and result in a strong Moon candidate. This is a time and style improvement over the published movie by jlun2, so I'm obviously accepting it.

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