Submission #3959: got4n's GBA Rayman Advance in 1:21:33.31

System Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA-rr v23.2
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 292265
ROM Filename Rayman Advance (U) [!].gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 48614
Unknown Authors got4n
Game Rayman Advance
Submitted by got4n on 4/28/2013 8:34:53 PM

Submission Comments
Rayman Advance is an PSX adaptation of the known "Rayman" game. The history is. Mr.Dark has kidnapped the electoons. Rayman try to save them. Then at Space Mama, Mr.Dark kidnapps Betilla.
My WIPs (only last 3 levels not encoded) (separate in each level) are disponible on my channel:

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA-rr 23.2
  • 100% or any% run. It's a 100% run because i took all cages but it's a any% because we need all cages in order to access final boss and credits.
  • Take damage to save time (Rare)

Glitches used;

  • Boosting Plums:
I think the first time I just get really close to it and hit it as often as I can. Normally though, you turn around for one frame so you face left when you hit the plum somehow, this gives it 25 in the other direction(founded by scrimpeh)
  • Moskito fighting stunlocking (because smaller screen of GBA):
Second one is exactly like first, just takes longer you can stunlock him just the same the tricky parts are the first and last hit on each that is slow, so you want him to get to that spot on his own last hit is similar, but the spot he staggers to is further upwards (founded by scrimpeh)
  • Wallbreach with maracas and plums:
For plums i don't really founded how.. just somehow it does that. For maracas. Find a thing to grab before getting wallbreached. Now push the maracas on the wall where you grab thing. Then you must land on the ground and on the maracas at exact frame. Which gonna make a little bit the maracas wallbreach. Then at the next wall you will wallbreach.(scrimpeh found)
Lums: Getting another speed. At a certain frame. Sometimes, lums give you a speed of 768 compared to 512 speed.(founded myself)
You will like: Bongo Hills, Moskito Nest, Pink Plants Woods
May be optisable by:
Bosses glitches.
Pixel optimisation
Sugggest Screenshot: Frame 20119

Q&A: 1.Q: Why choosing this game and not PSX or DOS version.
A: It has been tested. For PSX the game freezes at ubisoft logo. And DOS tas is not usable for R1 too.
2.Q: What was the hardest thing to TAS for you.
A:Plums. (violet thing in Moskito Nest, pink plants woods, anguish lagoon)
3.Q : Who wan't to thanks.
A: A thanks to: Dingodrole, coconou, Rayas, NilsTFK, p-why, lestatvampir and RealMyop and sorry for the other that i forget for encourage me. BUT A FREAKING GOOD THANKS to: Scrimpeh/scrimpy. Without him, i think my TAS would be like 5minutes more long. He helped me LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT. He explained me all the glitches he's founded!
Whoops, forgotten to thanks Matthias Franke, creator of Rayman Fanpage, for his PC map (only 2 cages on gba are not similar to PC)

Noxxa: Removed overly long branch name. If "100%" is required for completion of the game, then "any%" implies 100% completion by default.
Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Replaced submission file with a new version with unnecessary blank frames at the end removed. The new file is 155 frames shorter.
Noxxa: Replaced submission file again with a new version which successfully reaches the credits, and accepting for Moons.
feos: Grabbing for publication...
got4n: (not an encoder official) processing... Currently uploading this night encode on YouTube and MKV on

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