Submission #395: Baxter's NES Adventures of Lolo in 23:22.55

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEU 0.98.12
Submitted by Baxter on 10/31/2004 4:11:59 PM
Submission Comments
  • Played on FCEU
  • Uses no warps or passwords
  • Doesn't die or get hit (obviously)
In this game Lolo tries to save Lala. He's doing this by collecting every heartpiece in the room. After this a treasure chest opens with a pearl inside. If you collect this pearl a door will open and you advance to the next level. This game contains 50 of these levels, and in this movie I'm trying to complete them as fast as possible.
I was actually only trying to improve the previous version by a few frames; you can play more accurate using FCEU. I didn't knew any real improvements when I started it, but while playing I noticed 3-2, 5-3, 6-3, 6-5, 8-5, 10-1, 10-2, 10-3, 10-4 could be improved slightly.
The small improvements on those levels and the little more accurate playing made this movie 524 frames frames (9 seconds) faster than the previous version.
Hope you'll enjoy...

Bisqwit: Didn't see that coming. Good work!
...hmm, maybe I should mark these submissions with the "analyzing" status so I won't forget to encode them.
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