Submission #4039: SonicBoom737's Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog in 12:20.87

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Sega Genesis
(Submitted: Vector in Sonic 1)
Gens 11a
Submitted by SonicBoom737 on 8/9/2013 6:18:39 PM
Submission Comments
This is a TAS of a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog for SEGA Genesis where Vector the Crocodile is in Sonic 1, which was created by E-122-Psi. Every level abuses a bug (with the exception of Labyrinth Act 3, Star Light Act 3 and Final Zone), only present in this hack, where spindashing into an object or wall, and then spindashing again as soon as the camera catches up so that Vector is back in the middle of the screen, causes the stage to level wrap and zips Vector to the end of the level. The aim of this TAS is to beat the game as quickly as possible.
For Labyrinth Act 3, when Vector climbs up a certain wall, he glitches into the wall above partly. Then edging towards the end of the platform causes you to glitch into the wall, and from there you can zip right and level wrap. For Star Light Act 3 spindashing into the red spring causes the camera to move right and then because Vector moves so fast from hitting the spring he clips off the right of the screen and level wraps to the boss. Final Zone is the only glitchless level for this TAS, a simple 6 frame spindash, and then making the final hit at the last frame possible allows this boss to be beaten in the quickest possible time.
Improvements: There may be a few improvements that I have overlooked, certain level wraps require you to be at a certain height in the level to be able to reach the end of the level. Scrap Brain Act 2 has a level wrap possible right at the start, however I've found no way to avoid death as the camera catches up, however this is a level wrap that with work may be possible.
This is a fairly easy game to TAS, I have a background knowledge of TASing to a fairly high standard so a lot of the moves weren't too difficult to perform. This was also completed in a single sitting.

feos: This movie was proven to be very unoptimized and got an awful viewer feedback. So even if it appeared to be optimized, it would still be rejected, since hacks TASes can only be published if they are well received. Rejecting.
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