Submission #4094: Bernka's Windows Eryi's Action in 10:18.00

Console Windows Emulator Hourglass-r81
Game Version JPN v1.0 Frame Count 37080
ROM Filename eryi.exe Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 9995
Unknown Authors Bernka
Game Eryi's Action
Submitted by Bernka on 10/22/2013 11:45:15 AM

Submission Comments

TAS WIN Eryi’s Action

Hi! I find a nice game to tas! This is a lovely game with a cute girl to play, but it is annoying with many unexpected traps.

Game Objectives

  • Game version: JPN v1.00
  • Tool used: hourglass-r81 (with Multithreading and Wait Sync: Allow)
  • Aims for fastest time

About this game

A lovely game like Syobon Action, all the info is on its homepage:

About this run

This run use the main character-- Eryi who is more like a Mario play, she usually jump to avoid losing several frames some time while walking. There are multiple endings of this game, If you die a lot or not, you will reach different ending. The EX mode will open when you collect all diamonds.
Before replaying, you should backup the game data and reset.

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1

Mushroom and fan are using so often to jump over many traps, bounce with mushroom and with fan can avoid jumping too high to fall down (if you jump too high you will be a star).

Stage 2

A enemy can be a stepping-stone, when you throw them in the wall, they will through the wall, some traps can be drew earlier by this trick. You can stop doing default action after touch the goal flag, and a trap that is a spike ball throwing over, so it needs to find a good place to land on.

Stage 3

Boss fight, the boss won’t be injured unless you throw the iron egg which is fall after boss move, beat him by 3 times.

Stage 4

In the sea you can move freely, but somewhere water streams will change your direction, the special one can’t swim through directly, so the only way is swim under that. The frog will walk go and back between the goal flag, to finish this stage and avoid being killed by frog is the main point.

Stage 5

Button switch always lead something bad, you must press the second one with a enemy, then the bricks disappear and two new ways are open. There are two bricks will break when you stand on, so it need the other enemy as a stepping-stone.

Stage 6

Helicopter race! Be careful of spike balls, some of them will change their action when be close to.

Stage 7

Don't think that snowball won’t kill a person. Due to the snowball is too high and large to jump over, so I catch a chicken as a stepping-stone. Mushroom is very useful for avoiding traps and enemies, so I get it and keep it until the last of this stage.

Stage 8

A lot of traps are in this stage, some are the hidden bricks that make you can’t jump as normal. The yellow bear won’t move until you in front of it and face to right, it will help to jump over the hole.

Stage 9

Now the game becomes to a RPG fighting, you must beat the boss in 5 turns, but the boss will do fixed action in each turn. Because Eryi only has 1 HP, to avoid her death, most of turns she is hidden. The other teammate can expose by themselves, this is the most useful skill.

Stage 10

Many floors are in this stage.
  • 1F: there is a wall can’t trough normally, with a solid thing to zip into the wall; here I use a fan because it is easy to get and contributes to jump higher.
  • 2F: when you on the ladder you can’t jump to draw a trap, so a stepping-stone is necessary.
  • 3F: one of those bricks will bounce you, but it doesn’t matter.
  • 4F: the switch can reverse the rolling spikes, but it is no necessary for me.
  • 5F: no comment.
  • 6F: all around hidden bricks and wall.
  • 7F: at the left of ladder, you can’t pass to ladder due to there are some hidden bricks. Mushroom is necessary for jumping over ice water and getting to the right of ladder.

Stage 11

Boss fight becomes to a STG like TOUHOU series. If you die hardly, you must more fight the UFO. Finish them then become a super player!


(I can’t visit niconico and youtube!)


I hope you could enjoy:)

feos: Judging, since Atma got it to sync (yay!)
feos: Accepting to Moons. For the record: this game also has some 1.02 version, it doesn't sync with this TAS.

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