Submission #4173: McHazard's SNES Super Punch-Out!! in 15:52.66

System Super NES Emulator BizHawk 1.5.1
Game Version USA Frame Count 57254
ROM Filename Super Punch-Out!! (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors McHazard
Game Super Punch-Out!!
Submitted by McHazard on 1/25/2014 8:46:52 PM

Submission Comments
Counting all submissions and adelikat's BizHawk movie, this is the 12th version of the Super Punch-Out!! TAS. It's faster than the published run by 308 frames and 0.94 game seconds. Six of the fights are improved, four in in-game time and two in real time only.
As usual with this game, this TAS aims for in-game time, then real time. Because some things (knockdown animations, the pause glitch) affect real time only, these don't always go together, and one of the fights (Narcis Prince) is slower in real time.
  • Emulator: BizHawk 1.5.1
  • Aims for in-game time
  • Manipulates luck

Timing Differences

The time of the previous run was calculated with an incorrect framerate. At BizHawk's framerate, it's closer to 15:57.79 minutes long. The change from Snes9x to BizHawk also resulted in 3 extra lag frames.

The Fights

  • Gabby Jay: 6.26
  • Bear Hugger: 12.92
  • Piston Hurricane: 5.49
  • Bald Bull: 8.24
  • Bob Charlie: 5.50
  • Dragon Chan: 7.30
  • Masked Muscle: 6.30 (was 6.33)
    • The two goals in phase 1 are to do enough damage that phase 2 only takes one super punch, and to get a pattern that doesn't let Masked Muscle dodge it. The gut punches bring his health down, and the counter punch delays his pattern enough that I can throw a hook into his phase 2 attack.
  • Mr. Sandman: 13.13
  • Aran Ryan: 8.45
  • Heike Kagero: 9.94 (was 10.60)
    • Boxers in this game get larger refills if a knockdown takes more than a set amount of time. For Heike, that time is four seconds. So in phase 1 I do a slower dizzy combo to do more damage. As a result, Heike's refill is low enough that I can finish phase 2 within that time limit. And phase 3... doesn't happen.
  • Mad Clown: 9.05
  • Super Macho Man: 9.43
    • Knocking Macho down with an uppercut saves 7 frames over a hook in real time. This "improvement" was in some of the previously published movies, but not the current one.
  • Narcis Prince: 8.20 (was 8.43)
    • The old strat has a bit of a wait between the second punch and Narcis's first attack. I get rid of this wait by doing one more punch before he gets mad and one less punch afterward. The dizzy combo still works after this, but ONLY if the first punch as Narcis comes back is frame perfect. The pause looks unnecessary, but without it the super bar will fill up two frames late.
  • Hoy Quarlow: 8.35
    • Knocking Hoy down in phase 1 with a normal punch gives him a faster knockdown animation, and also lets him get up faster, saving 47 frames in real time. He gets a larger refill, but since I have to wait for one of Hoy's attacks anyway, there's no effect on the in-game time.
  • Rick Bruiser: 10.65 (was 10.67)
    • Changing the opening right gut to a left jab saves 3 frames, and changing the stunned left jab to a right loses 2, for a net gain of 1 frame.
  • Nick Bruiser: 7.52
Total time (in-game): 2:16.73
Total improvement (in-game): 0.94 seconds
Total improvement (real time): 308 frames

adelikat: Judging

adelikat: Accepting for publication as an improvement to the currently published movie

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