Submission #4226: mamuuuut's Arcade Neo Turf Masters "maximum score" in 11:36.97

Console Arcade Emulator fba-rr-v007
Game Version JPN Frame Count 41818
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch maximum score Rerecord Count 8238
Unknown Authors mamuuuut
Game Neo Turf Masters
Submitted by mamuuuut on 3/24/2014 5:28:48 PM

Submission Comments
BTG-Neo Turf Masters (japan ver. default settings) Japan course -Fernando Almeida-
Emulator used: fba-rr-v007 only eagle and albatross (including hole in one) risky shots/situations - unusual/unexcepted routes
Score : -42 (maybe extremly hard possible IMPROVEMENT -46, if i can control wind condition like Airman)

feos: In rare cases, an improvement within the certain goal can still be rejected. In Moons, it pretty much happens due to the improved version losing by entertainment to the old version significantly. The existing movie for that game met a huge amount of rapture, wile here people weren't so excited, and some even stated it's less entertaining than the existing movie. So this submission is getting rejected.
As for branches for this game, I don't think it gives enough variety for several published branches in Moons. Other than that, you always have Vault where you can just go for plain speed and get published.

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