Submission #4236: Robert_Ordis's GBC Pocket Bomberman in 06:28.00

System Game Boy Color Emulator lsnes rr2-β17
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 23174
ROM Filename Pocket Bomberman (U) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 16459
Unknown Authors Robert_Ordis
Game Pocket Bomberman
Submitted by Robert_Ordis on 3/30/2014 8:54:53 AM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: lsnes rr2 beta17
  • Aims for fastest
  • Heavy glitch abuse


Pocket Bomberman is a platform game to destroy all enemies and to go to goal door in each stage.
Bombs are not used as only weapon, but also footing.
This movie is improved version of [2329] GBC Pocket Bomberman by Robert_Ordis in 06:33.22 by optimizing each route and using some new tricks.

Saved frames in each stage.

This table shows saved frame in each stage from [2329] GBC Pocket Bomberman by Robert_Ordis in 06:33.22.
StageSaved framesRemaks
title -12Difference between Gambatte core and VBA?
Forest 32By fixing a mistake on previous movie
Forest 422New route by new trick
Ocean 124Optimizing with new trick
Ocean 24Optimizing existing route
Ocean 38By fixing a mistake on previous movie
Ocean 448New route by new trick
Ocean 51By optimizing "runcount"
Wind 1-1By framerule of destroying enemies
Wind 361New route by new trick
Wind 4-1By framerule of destroying enemies
Cloud 24By fixing a mistake on previous movie
Cloud 41By fixing a mistake on previous movie
Evil 112New route by new trick
Evil 281New route by new trick
Evil 336Optimizing a order of destroying enemies
Evil 422New route
total3125.22 sec improved

Used tricks

-> Through Wall glitch -> A little X-position boosting

Frame rule

There is a framerule for destroying normal enemies. Detection of bombfire is working by 1 of 4 frames for enemies.

New trick

In this movie, I used a new trick to make "wall throughing" and "little X-position boost" much more easier.
While bomberman exists out of camera for some reason, putted bombs become impassable immediately even bomberman exists on the position of the bomb. So, Through Wall and X boost become easyer because they are caused by a situation that bomberman exists in impassable tiles. However, while using this glitch in horizontally long stage, Bomberman can never reach to the goal. Therefore, bomberman must fix its Y tile position in somewhere of the stage.

How to extrude from camera.

Jump without walking at the ceiling of a stage, Y position of bomberman will move immediately without moving camera. Especially in horizontally long stages, Correcting Y tile position of bomberman is same way.

Other comments

Used lua is here.
This shows Bomberman's speed, Runcount, Jumpmeter, overview of the level, etc.


Nach: Accepting as improvement to existing run.
Ilari: What is this? Processing...

Last Edited by Ilari on 4/3/2014 7:58 PM
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