Submission #4262: yep2yel's A2600 Dodge 'em in 01:10.22

Atari 2600
(Submitted: Dodge 'em)
Bizhawk 1.6.0a
Dodge 'em (1980) (Atari).a26
Submitted by yep2yel on 4/3/2014 6:18 PM
Submission Comments
  • Input ends at frame 4114
  • While there is one more screen, it's the exact same thing as the first one, just with one less life. Because of this and later screens, no new content is added.
After a few hiccups with my previous submission, I think I've gotten this one how I wanted it. If there are still any problems, I'll take care of them.
As I said in my last submission, this was actually a fun little TAS to make. After browsing Angry Video Game Nerd videos, I found this little game, and I loved the mechanics and so I made a small TAS.
I'd also like to add really quick that the re-record is obviously wrong. I'd estimate the actual count to be about 300-400.
A couple of notes on the game:
There are 3 starting positions for the AI on the first screen, depending on what frame you press reset to start the game on. When you start the game, however, there's about a second long waiting period, and for each frame you wait to hit reset, it adds 12 frames to this waiting period. I was able to route plan well enough to allow for no reset-waiting to happen.
As far as I know, there's no way to manipulate the AI starting positions in the proceeding screens, so the rest of the game is simply just maintaining my speed (slowing down when I need to change 2 lanes) and a good helping of route planning. As I said previously, there's bound to be better routes in this, but I'm not versed in Lua and so can't write scripts to test every single route for me.
Or of course, Nitro could just find another bug and completely destroy my movie. Which is just as good.
EDIT: Desync issues. Cancelling.
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