Submission #4285: Dimon12321's Genesis Duke Nukem 3D in 24:12.95

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens-Rerecording 11a
Game Version any Frame Count 87065
ROM Filename Duke Nukem 3D (B) [!].gen Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 3917
Unknown Authors Dimon12321
Game Duke Nukem 3D
Submitted by Dimon12321 on 4/23/2014 5:37:21 PM

Submission Comments
This is a TAS of Duke Nukem 3D for SEGA Genesis on the hardest difficulty and on this difficulty the game is really hard! However, the game is hard itself and I'm not astonished that 3D Realms spent about (~) 25 minutes on each map!

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Gens-rerecording 11A
  • Take damage to save the time
  • Hardest difficulty
  • Manipulation of "friendly" monsters


The game is insomuch simple and hard that I have found only one trick! There is no necessity in RAM Watch to manipulate the highest damage: all dameges are constant!
  • Manipulation of "friendly" monsters:
There are situations when monsters at once shoot in Duke when they cognize him, but if they cognize him some frames before or later, they actually walk up to 3 seconds! I didn't use it all the time, only if necessity!

Main game explanations:

As most of us don't know this virtuoso port, I'll explain the working of game mechanics:
  • Enemies are not an obstacle for player. He can actually go through them!
  • Enemies can't hit the player if he runs aside (probably they don't take the anticipation)!
  • Enemies can't hit each other, only drone's blow up (At least I saw that laser had flown through the Pig Cop).
  • Switches and doors can be opened/switched only if player looks straightly at them!
  • There is no damage manipulation, so during the rocket's or drone's blow up (splash) you or take full damage or don't take any!

Map explanations:

  • Map 1 - Spaceport (2:23):
It was hard to avoid from monsters lasers! In the end I took 3 shots to pass the map faster.
  • Map 2 - The Incubator (2:23):
Enemies were badly placed in the room and I needed to kill some! I repassed this map for 2 times, but after some practice and changing route, I managed to do the best! I needed the medkit anyway to take damage in some places on the next maps.
  • Map 3 - Secret Laser (2:33):
Was difficult only the first room with 2 blow-up drones and Pig Cop (shotgunner).
  • Map 4 - Lunar Space (2:56):
Hoping on the best, I tried to teleport in open space without spacesuit, but my health went down very fast =) The control in space is very hard: you move even when you turn! I'd like to play in pacifist while waiting for lift in some rooms, but I had lost my temper on that!
  • Map 5 - Occupied Territory (2:58):
A problem with dodging the bullets, but in my mind this map is the best!
  • Map 6 - Mortal Prison (1:47):
It doesn't seem to be! I decided not to turn often, the route is great! Oh yeah, intentional killing in TAS. As I needed my health for the next map, I just couldn't save fat commander's life: he damaged me twice while I was entering the card and I lost about 80 HP!
  • Map 7 - Fatal Wind (2:42):
The wind wasn't fatal in the room with the blue card, but it would be good if it was turned off! I spent about 100 rerecords on the first room to take minimum damage! Another medkit was taken to stay alife. (Description will be supplemented now!)
  • Map 8 - Electric Station (4:01)
In spite on maps hardship, I repasses it for 2 times on finding the way to bypass the lighting after I took the blue card! Most players take double damage from it because they try to bypass the lighting and their speed is not fast enough! In general, the map is interesing.
  • Map 9 - Overlord (2:08):
The music says right: it's as easy as the first map! The map has lots of unnecessary areas: everyone can become interested what is that teleport on the floor upper! The difficulty was killing battlelord without taking damage from brains.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: This run is shown to be suboptimal in multiple areas. Even just the opening menu is improvable by nearly a full second. Rejecting for optimization issues.

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