Entirely unrelated to the TV series seaQuest DSV, Seaquest is a submarine combat game in which you control a water vessel and must pick up divers at different levels of depth while avoiding fish and enemy subs. While most of the game takes place underwater, you also must resurface for air from time to time so your air meter doesn't run out.
Like Tetris, the game ends when the score reaches the maximum 999999. Watch as Lobsterzelda torpedoes 90 levels-worth of submarines and rescues as many divers in record time.
This movie is actually 15:22.17 minutes slower than the movie it obsoletes, but does not use emulation glitches as the previous movie does to quickly reach maximum score. The judgement history for Seaquest is complicated, as well is this movie's own judgement. See the submission notes and judgement for more information.
Published on 4/11/2021

Emulator Version:
BizHawk V. 2.6.1

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