Submission #4444: True's Genesis Sonic Jam 6 in 07:53.69

System Sega Genesis Emulator BizHawk 1.8.1
Game Version any Frame Count 28385
ROM Filename Sonic Jam 6 (Unl) [f1].gen Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 2943
Unknown Authors True
Game Sonic Jam 6
Submitted by True on 9/22/2014 10:19:11 PM

Submission Comments
Mario had a hell of a time in Sonic's world on NES, so he gave Sonic his world and some crap controls on Genesis.
If you haven't played this game, I amusingly suggest you try it. The speed and controls (or lack thereof) are abysmal. Then watch the movie.

Run Info

I meant to run this a long time ago, but it wasn't possible to accurately run because of an emulator bug in Gens where Lakitu would spawn infinite spinys. An emulator without the bug has been out for a short while, and after seeing a WIP of this game on the forum I felt like I finally had to finish it. The game is very straightforward as expected of a Chinese pirate. It is also programmed pretty poorly as expected of a Chinese pirate.


Only the 2-3-4 warp in 1-2 and the world 5 warp in 4-2 are implemented (the one in 1-2 being backwards from NES SMB). No vines are implemented. Springs are implemented but none are seen in this run.
It is faster to lose the mushroom in 1-2 and get another one for 5-4 than to get on the ceiling of 1-2 by a few frames.
In castle 6-4, there is an unavoidable fire bar that will damage you as you run past. There are edited ROMs that fix this, but the original pirate cart has this bug. As there are no mushrooms in this level, if you die or otherwise are not Blue Sonic when reaching this fire bar, there is no way past it.
The bloopers turning into fireballs in 8-4 is common, but the platforms turning into fireballs in 5-4 is not...


Jump Bug

The floor calculation is really really bad, so Sonic can jump in midair. In fact it is faster to jump than to fall, as falling will reduce speed to 1 for a frame when the top position is recalculated.
Hitting the ceiling in a jump starts counting down the jump value from its current value, so in castles I can ceiling-hug the entrance. Saves and costs no time :)

Flagpoles / Level exit triggers

Not really a bug, except that it can be exploited with the jump bug. Yeah, they can be jumped over, and yes, there are end-level triggers after them. Ending by jumping over a flagpole will save several seconds.
The World 1-1 flagpole is lower than all the others, so Sonic must jump higher to clear them.
There is also a level exit in castle 7-4 that 5-4 and 6-4 did not have.

Thanks for watching

feos: Judging...
Mothrayas: Replaced submission file with a 26-frame improvement.
feos: Accepting to Vault. Notice: this game only actually works in an emulator with the [f1] ROM dump, not any of the two [!] ones (even in Genesis+GX), so I believe it's okay to accept a non-[!] ROM run.

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