Submission #4453: got4n's Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 25:06.30

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin 4.0-3260
Game Version USA Frame Count 282304
ROM Filename NEW Super Mario Brothers Wii [NTSC].iso Frame Rate 187.4155214764655
Branch Rerecord Count 14010
Unknown Authors got4n
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Submitted by got4n on 10/4/2014 7:08:37 PM

Submission Comments
original version:
TEH URN! Here's my New Super Mario Bros. Wii TAS I started 4 months ago (July) This beats Soig old TAS by unknown time, because he used an old dolphin revision where loading times weren't accurate, so his movie is faster, but in most of levels, IG time are faster, so this run is the most up-to-date one!

Games Objectives

  • Emulator Used : Dolphin 4.0-3260
  • Genre: Platform
  • Dual Core : OFF
  • Idle Skipping: OFF
  • Free DSP Dolphin ROMS
Game name is: NEW Super Mario Brothers Wii ISO [NTSC].iso
  MD4: 56cec75305dfd8ac1bf5c15ec858cba6
  MD5: 4dde70f22cfbb7fcfec6b6f57f65bb6c
SHA-1: 7c47e4230896beedd5904ba54ba05a477242b0c4
(now, in new dolphin you can use any Wii ISO, in old, you was needing the exact ISO to play it back, I thanks Soig choosing an iso which was only on a site, which was the only one to sync on old dolphin


Faster Propeller

If you shake the wiimote without pressing the running button, you'll use the propeller a bit faster

Moving while ground pound

If you ground pround then press move button, you'll move very very very slightly. Only used in 1-1
To be Completed

Stage per Stage Comment

1-1 : Thanks to Tehseven using a strat which saves a lot of time!

1-2 : Compared myself to the Niconico video Rachel Posted, this level was kinda hard to optimise, mostly on slopes!

1-3 : Using propeller to take the warp to 5-1

5-1 : Nothing to say

5-RNG : yeah, equaled Soig, RNG is not avoidable here :p

5-3 : Taking 5-3 instad of 5-2 because 5-3 is shorter than 5-2. New strat where I ground pound to skip using propeller once, which saves a bit of time

5-Castle : Propeller to get easily on top of level and shortly

5-4 : Skipping autoscroll

5-Boo: I saved a few frames, but nothing else to say. Taking a warp.

8-1 : Slides, slides,slides,slides,slides etc

8-7 : Kinda autoscroll, so I tried to do my best on entairtaining!

8-Doomship: Using the wiimote shaking to open the doors, everything is frame perfect, tried entairtainement on boss lel.

8-Castle : The fucking worst level for me. I'm kinda not proud for this, I lost time between soig, because I tried for several hours, and couldn't manage to get it, I guess it's a dolphin problem, normally Bowser shoots fireball way more faster. !

Frames saved.

Informations & Thanks

Desyncs : I'd say about 15 (yes thanks) Thanks to: Soig for his first TAS and some of his good ideas Dolphin to his desyncs Everyone in the topic who contributed (CoolKirby for sync test, and anyone for feedback!) My brain My heart for the desyncs abahbob for his RAM watch tutorial Fog for building my avsyncs

Suggested Screenshot:

leaving community choosing it!

Nach: Judging.

Nach: Replacing movie with a faster one from author: <Got4n> i'm stupid

Nach: This run is a bit slower than its predecessor, but much of that can be chalked up to emulator differences. According to Spikestuff's calculations, this run saves time where it actually counts. Overall, this run looks to have more consistent play than its predecessor, and the audience seems to be a lot more satisfied with it.
This run features a lot more segments which appear to be done very well, and was noticeably improved in quite a few levels. While the amount of noticeable issues (at least to me) are not non-existent, they are fewer in number, and apparently less noticeable than last time going by the audience's comments.
I hope these things will be improved in a future run. The key idea for improvement is to realize the following rule: Sometimes doing something slower or with less force saves time in the end. This can manifest itself in a number of ways:
  • Jumping lower or shorter while doesn't get you as far does allow you to jump again sooner, or perhaps bounce off of enemies.
  • Lowering speed which progresses slower initially can avoid crashing into walls, thus allowing for faster movement later.
  • Instead of looking at the most obvious way to reach some location, track back from that location, mapping backwards the fastest move to reach that point ahead, and see how to adjust the current play for what comes later - even though it looks suboptimal at this point in isolation.
Personally I think even a first run should be a bit more polished, but I'll go with the audience that it's polished enough. Weakly accepting for first run of this game.
fsvgm777: Processing. Note: It's going to take a fair bit of time.
fsvgm777: Dropping, as I keep running into graphical issues. Note to whoever's willing to encode it: You need to edit the DTM to enable EFB copies to RAM (open it in the DTM Editor and set EFB Texture to "RAM") in order for most objects to animate (like ? blocks or floating coins). I can at least confirm that it syncs fine with this setting set in the DTM on 4.0-3601 (you normally won't need the a/v sync hack for this one, since "proper" a/v sync was introduced in 4.0-3595).
RGamma: Publishing...
Fog: Third time's the charm! Processing...

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