Submission #451: kopernical's NES Mega Man 3 in 32:42.48

Nintendo Entertainment System
Famtasia 5.1
Mega Man 3 (U)
Submitted by kopernical on 12/4/2004 12:36 AM
Submission Comments
Mega Man 3 in 32:42, which is 1:20 faster than the current run by Sleepz.
I must say that Sleepz really deserves all the credit for this as he did all the difficult work. He did a great job with weapon usage, boss fights, and planning so most of my video is basically the same as his. The majority of the time saved is due to the fact that he didn't have the 60 fps patch when he made his, though there are several noticeable improvements. But his movie has plenty of "mistakes" (missed shots, unneeded weapon refills, jumping too high) that I thought needed to be fixed.
Some notes:
-I do get a couple of small refills for Magnet in Top and Gemini revisited that save a little bit of time.
-The energy and weapon refills on the ground are sometimes faster to grab than avoiding or switching weapons.
-I tried skipping the energy refills for Jet on Needle revisited but it was slower.
-Hits I take are on purpose to save time, though it might not always look like it.
-I tried to make every jump exact so if I jump too high there is probably a reason for it.
-I decided to just jump on Rock Monster as I like that better. Sorry if anybody really like the other way.
-I'm not very good at keeping things looking smooth all the time but I hope it's just my critical eye.
Anyway I think that's everything. Hope you enjoy.

Bisqwit: Thanks! Yay for the Minor Optimizations! Publishing.
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