Submission #455: Terimakasih's SNES Super Metroid "minimalist" in 51:05.75

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version Japan/USA Frame Count 183945
ROM Filename SuperMetroid(JU).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch minimalist Rerecord Count 25251
Unknown Authors Terimakasih
Game Super Metroid
Submitted by Terimakasih on 12/5/2004 4:27:17 AM

Submission Comments
Emulator: Snes9x-1.43-Win32-WIP1
This is a run of Super Metroid of 14%-Route. (Ice Beam route.)
Clear Time - 00:35
I have never seen this kind of movie. So I made it by myself.


vs.Ridley and vs.Mother Brain needed a lot of times.
So, You can skip these battle-scene. (Use Frame-Skip-Function.)
Here is a 'Playing-Frame' about the end of these long-scenes.
Ridley - In 101000.
Mother Brain - In 170000.


I already have known about my mistake.
I missed 'Power Bomb(Super Bomb)'s damage to Ridley,about 200damage.'.
So, I shooted him by Ice-Charged-Shot,frequent 4~5times.
But Please excuse me. Re-Record(remake) about this movie is hard to me(IF I remake this one, I must shot Ice-Charged-Shot to Ridley and Mother Brain,100times over correctly,again.(^_^;))

Why the murder-beam glitch is not used?

Because that glitch requires all the beams.

To Mr.Bisqwit

If you think that this one is not entertaining, Please tell me so. (Or delete this post,please.) If you delete this one, I will have no dissatisfaction.(^_^;)

To all

If you have a question,sorry but please write in easy-English.

Bisqwit: Due to votes, encoding.

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